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The Five Tools You Need to Make a Landing Page Video on a Budget

If you use your website to sell or generate leads, a simple landing page video can be a great tool for boosting your conversion rate. According to a recent study, in fact, 73% of internet users are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video that explains it. But even if you’re sold on trying video for your website, where do you start?

The Five Tools You Need to Make a Landing Page Video on a Budget

These five simple tools are all you need to start shooting.

1. A Tripod

Choosing a tripod isn’t nearly as fun as choosing a camera, and starting off with this unglamorious and utilitarian piece of equipment might feel like putting the cart before the horse. However, a decent and sturdy tripod is a fundamental piece of your video kit. Think of it this way – having a bad camera on a tripod can give you a decent shot, but hand-holding a good camera will leave you with shaky, amateur-looking footage. So beg, borrow, or steal a tripod for your shoot.

2. Lights

Bad lighting is like a shaky image – it can absolutely ruin otherwise quality footage. One of the most important things to remember when lighting on a budget is to make the most of the light that’s available to you. To do so, position your subject facing towards the rooms main light source (like a window), with your camera facing away from the light source. Check your subject for any areas of shadow, and use any lights you have available (once again, anything you can beg, borrow or steal) to balance these areas out.

3. A Camera

If there’s one place where you can cut costs, it’s on your camera. Most of us are walking around with amazingly powerful cameras in our pockets, and with the right complimentary equipment (like your tripod and lights), you can shoot a simple landing page video on your smartphone. If you do want to go for a more cinematic look, you can rent a DSLR from a place like or a local camera shop – a three day rental, including a lens and postage, shouldn’t cost you more than $70.

4. A Lav Mic

With your video equipment taken care of, the final piece of equipment you need is a microphone, because you’ll never get quality sound from the mic on your camera or smartphone. For recording interviews and pieces to camera, the best microphone for the job is a lavalier (lav) mic. These can be clipped to your collar so they pick up your speech clearly while minimizing background noise, and they can record directly to a smartphone in your pocket.

5. Editing Software

For your first video, you shouldn’t need to pay for editing software. Programs that come free with your operating system like iMovie and Windows Movie maker are simple to use, and with good looking video and audio, can easily be used to turn out an effective landing page video. If you’d like to try some more advanced editing software, Adobe Creative Cloud offers a 30 day free trial, and comes with plenty of great free tutorials.

Bio: Tom Shearman is a Content Marketing Strategist at Digital Third Coast Internet Marketing. Like many content marketers, Tom started in traditional journalism, before moving to the dark side. He’s directed content marketing campaigns for companies from midmarket to Fortune 500s. You can connect with Tom on  Twitter, LinkedIn and Google +.

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  1. Excellent thoughts here. I see more and more explainer videos being posted on websites and in email signatures. Seem to capture the essence of what a business does in 30 to 60 seconds and seem very engaging and effective. Thanks for sharing.


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