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The Best Ways to Promote Your App with Instagram Video Ads

With more than 429 million users blocking mobile ads, Instagram’s native ad platform is making it big owing to its lower CPI and CTR that is appealing to app marketers in mobile app development companies worldwide.

Urban Clap recently increased their app installs rate and lowered the cost involved by nearly 33% with Instagram ads. Many other companies are trying to strike the right balance in CPI and CTR without a huge budget. To understand what is required for lower CPI and CTR, evaluating the Instagram-driven app install ad campaigns is one of the best ways to go about it.

If you are focused on investing on Instagram ads to achieve lower CPI, you need a systematic approach:

The Best Ways to Promote Your App with Instagram Video Ads

Identify the Main Campaign Goal

The primary goal of Instagram ads for most businesses is to increase app installs and even boost user engagement of their mobile app. But one needs a clear goal for precise targeting. You can even plan to increase awareness of the app, commence on a branding strategy, boost audience reach, showcase its features or even highlight a relevant story to inspire user action.

Most apps under evaluation included a clear campaign goal and added a strong ad copy that went hand in hand with their goals. The evaluation results indicated greater success if a particular Instagram ad type is used for every specific goal along with a clear statistics-driven ad copy that tends to fair better owing to mobile screens.

Aim Creative Optimization

Most mobile apps achieved success with Instagram ads owing to a deep understanding of displaying their value proposition with a fine balance between visuals and text. An interactive image can influence the CPI numbers as images impact conversion rate significantly.

Identify the Best Ad Type for Your Goals

Instagram ads are image or video driven. While both mediums can surely be an integral part of any Instagram ad campaign, individual CPI’s vary with respect to each format. Instagram video ads win hands down with respect to CPIs but the development process involved is more than image ads. Geography and audience can affect the CPI of a campaign, and hence marketers need to be accepting of different results with multiple markets. Also, the CPI in countries like Australia is the costliest, a factor that impacts the success ratio too. App categories also play a huge role in defining CPI.

One needs to know that Instagram ads revolve around perfect audience targeting and bidding just like how mobile app development companies target Facebook ads.

Here are nine steps that will help with targeted Instagram video ads:

  1. Connect your Instagram – Click on Settings on Facebook and enable “Instagram Ads” on the left-hand side.
  2. Access the Ads Manager – Log in to your Ads Manager account on Facebook and then follow the steps, uploading the brand videos as required.
  3. Download Power Editor – Do not set up the ad through Facebook’s ads manager. Download Power Editor to create the Instagram video ad. Use Google Chrome as your browser for the same.
  4. Create Campaign – Facebook then outlines the next steps, within Power Editor through the Manage Ads tab. Choose the option to “Create Campaign.”
  5. Reach Your Target Audience – Choose an objective during setup that is compatible with the Instagram audience including Clicks on Website; all the Mobile App Installs and even for Video Views. If you create an ad for an existing ad set, you need to decide and set the placement for an Instagram ad.
  6. Edit Ad Set Options – One can set budget, schedule, audience and placement for ad sets. Placement gives the option to choose Instagram ads and deselect other options. Select the type of mobile device to serve the ads. Instagram recommends using link clicks to website or pay per impressions for serving ads.
  7. Sync Facebook and Instagram accounts – Set up parameters in the Ad Set options, and to select your business page within ads to serve them. Click “Use Instagram account connected to the Facebook page” without fail.
  8. Create the Video Ad – Just enter your website URL and relevant video and text to accompany it, up to 300 characters trying to make it more memorable than ever. Upload your video with visually appealing imagery and short duration, strategizing on the most important brand visuals and text to market the app. You can even add triggers and trackers to change the video based on a real-time score or something else.
  9. Upload Changes – After the aforementioned steps are completed to create your Instagram video ad for your mobile app, use “Upload Changes” to upload the same from the Power Editor. The ad will be reviewed, and if it follows the rules, your ad will be live and running on Instagram with no delay.


By following the above strategies, mobile app development companies can leverage Instagram video ads to a new level altogether for various marketing purposes.

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Author Bio:

Juned Ghanchi is a social media strategist and digital marketing specialist at IndianAppDevelopers, a mobile app development company that build application for premium brands across all mobile platforms like Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablets etc.

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