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5 Common Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes When Using Video On Your Blog

Not too long ago, every serious blog owner and business saw the need to embed a video on their blog post. If not to increase readership and conversions, it’s about making one look approachable and professional.

Simplified video-making software has turned things around, making this process a lot easier than before. But here’s a disturbing fact: Research has shown that the majority of readers respond more to videos than they do to still text and images. And this means that the video you embed on your blog for the world out there to see matters a lot more than the content and images on your blog.

A simple video mistake could impair the success of your blog post. Well, if it already did, that’s unfortunate, and even if it hasn’t, you will not want to miss knowing the common mistakes most blog owners make when using video on their blog.

5 Common Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes When Using Video On Their Blog

The Power of Video: How It’s Done and Ideas to Get Started

Move aside long-form blog posts…video is here and it’s dominating. It’s easy to underestimate the power of video…but you shouldn’t.

A mix of short and long-form blog posts has been the staple in content marketing for most of the 2010s, yet it’s been rapidly dethroned by motion video. Why? Well, not only does video keep viewers engaged longer, but it’s also easy to produce, measure, and leverage in campaigns.

video production

Matt Bowman, on Forbes, calls it the future of content marketing, and most will agree.

Why spend hours producing written content or podcasting when quick, two-minute videos posted to YouTube and Facebook can pull in millions of views within a day? This should perk any small business owner’s attention – along with content marketers – because now’s the time to get good at it to leverage the power of video.

Top 10 Tips To Reduce Your Support Queries Using Video

The failure to resolve problems with your customers in a timely manner is one of the top two reasons for customer loss. Of course your customers are going to have problems over time – we all know that is a given. However, it is not all that easy to deal with those problems efficiently and successfully enough as your company grows, thanks to the restraints on budget and time.

One of the greatest abilities of video marketing is its ability to reduce support queries. You will find that through the use of effective videos you will not only be able to resolve your customer problems, but also save time and increase customer satisfaction.

The thing is, most human beings are stubborn and don’t like asking for help. What’s even worse is when they have to wait for that help that they have so begrudgingly asked for.

The great thing about video is that it’s a powerful learning tool, which combines both audio and visual elements so that it can engage different learning types. Another great thing is that it’s very easily accessible online.

Top 10 Tips To Reduce Your Support Queries Using Video

The Five Tools You Need to Make a Landing Page Video on a Budget

If you use your website to sell or generate leads, a simple landing page video can be a great tool for boosting your conversion rate. According to a recent study, in fact, 73% of internet users are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video that explains it. But even if you’re sold on trying video for your website, where do you start?

The Five Tools You Need to Make a Landing Page Video on a Budget

These five simple tools are all you need to start shooting.

1. A Tripod

Choosing a tripod isn’t nearly as fun as choosing a camera, and starting off with this unglamorious and utilitarian piece of equipment might feel like putting the cart before the horse. However, a decent and sturdy tripod is a fundamental piece of your video kit. Think of it this way – having a bad camera on a tripod can give you a decent shot, but hand-holding a good camera will leave you with shaky, amateur-looking footage. So beg, borrow, or steal a tripod for your shoot.

Moving the Needle with Moving Pictures: How Internet Video Changed Marketing

Video promotion is a web marketer’s dream come true. It’s visually appealing, it draws the potential customer in, and it clearly communicates your marketing message in an exciting way. But the old ways of delivering these messages don’t really work anymore. Web users don’t respond to direct marketing requests (buy this, click on this, etc), or they simply become confused by subliminal marketing messages.

Cracking the video marketing code can transform your marketing strategy quickly. Fortunately, it doesn’t require a CIA-level encryption specialist to decipher. The idea is simple: today’s web users want to be entertained. So, how do you do that in a real, authentic way without sacrificing the credibility of your brand? Find your audience’s funny bone, and tickle it all the time.

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