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Twitter 101: So You Want to Market With Twitter

Let’s kick off Twitter Tweek with an overview of Twitter for the unitiated. Ready to be schooled? Definition Because I hate researching things, I will give you my own definition of Twitter. It’s a social media medium you can use…

Welcome to Twitter Tweek

So I’ve decided. Twitter is important enough to celebrate for an entire week! I hereby declare it Twitter Tweek on The Marketing Eggspert Blog. What does that mean? All week long, I’ll be providing great content on Twitter. Tips, resources,…

Top Ten Twitter Tips

I talk a lot about Twitter but decided to go back a step and provide some basic Twitter tips for those of you who are still uninitiated on Twitter.

Top Ten Twitter Tips

In a Nutshell

Twitter is like instant messaging on crack. You can have multiple conversations going on with as many people as you like. Why should you care? More business owners are finding it a useful tool to network and develop new contacts.

Getting Started

Setting up a Twitter¬†account is dead easy. So I won’t even insult you by walking you through it. Once you have your account, search for people you know or people in your industry to follow. Following just means you’re going to have anything they say pop up on your Twitter page. If they follow you back (which most will) you can have dialogue with them.

My Top Ten Twitter Tips

Twitter has sort of an informal code; rules to follow. Some new Tweeple just jump right in without doing their homework, so I’ll spare you that embarrassment by providing these tips.

1. Don’t Spam. Just like anywhere, people on Twitter don’t like spam. What constitutes as spam?

Taking Networking Offline

I know for many of you, networking is solely offline. You attend your local BNI or Chamber meeting, rub elbows and trade cards. But for me, and a growing number of entrepreneurs, our networking is done online. We become "friends" on Facebook. We swap stories and links on Twitter. It gets to a point where many of us have never spoken on the phone, but know each other pretty well.

Let Go of Your Inner Control Freak

A lot of the people I talk to about social media want to know how to track it. How can they measure the results? What can we project as far as sales? These are difficult questions to answer. Certainly there are ways to see how much traffic to your site comes from, for example, Twitter, but sometimes it's hard to pinpoint exactly how well social media is helping you.

Are You a Slave to Social Media?

Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter.

It’s great to have so many tools available to connect to others and promote your own business. But when is enough enough? At what point is your social media use unhealthy?

Are You a Slave to Social Media?

I see an epidemic here in the marketing world. People are using not one, not two, but dozens of social media tools to promote their for what?? They have no time to work on their business. And they may not even be getting anything out of their efforts.

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