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Top Twitter Tools

  With more and more tools that help manage your Twitter account coming online, it can be hard to know what’s worth using. Here are my picks for Twitter tools that help increase your efficiency. 1. HootSuite Everyone’s got their…

Book Review: Twitterville

When I picked up my copy of Twitterville by Shel Israel, I expected it to be “just another social media book.” There are a lot of books out there that tell you the hows and whys of social media. It’s not to say those books aren’t useful, but they’re really not for me, a marketing consultant.

I was pleasantly surprised, and wrong.

I actually didn’t know the full backstory of how Twitter was founded (it was just an internal tool for a company called Odeo. When the tool generated more excitement than the product they sold, they knew they needed to rethink things).

How Brands Use Twitter

Rather than tell how businesses can use Twitter, Israel tells you about companies who are doing it well. Some examples you already know, like Comcast. Others you may not, like CrowdSPRING or Dell (you know the brand, but did you know the company lets any employee who wants to Tweet do so under the Dell umbrella?).

The Ugly Truth About Social Media

This is one of those post ideas I got from Small Business Trends. You remember, when I promised one every week and then didn’t write them? Yes, those. So I’m talking to a new friend today, one who also “does”…

Social Media Helps Natural Products

If you're slow to board the social media boat, ask yourself why. It may seem pointless to you, but consider this: as a green/eco/organic company you have had a very niche audience until recently. With more people getting smarter about what they put in their bodies and their homes, they're searching on sites like Facebook and Twitter for information and companies they can trust. Is yours there?

How To Tuesday: Targeting Contacts on Twitter

If you’re like me, you get a lot of unrelated people following you on Twitter. Restaurants in cities you don’t live in, people in other industries,’s annoying and the equivalent of spam. I don’t follow back everyone. I look…

53 Brands That Tweet

Thanks to my lovely intern, Cindy Bidar, I have a list of 53 brands who are on Twitter (and active, to boot!). I love seeing so many companies who “get it!” Enjoy! Business Twitter ID Followers Tweets Zappos Zappos 653,216…

People to Follow on Twitter

Whether you're new to Twitter or a pro, I want to give you a few people I think add benefit to the conversations on marketing and social media. On Twitter, we call this #followfriday. Basically we give a shout out to people on Twitter we find interesting, amusing, or otherwise worthy of being followed.

Guest Post: Twitter for Market Research

While I use Twitter for several different aspects of marketing, I'd like to share an aspect that I don't think gets enough credit: using Twitter for marketing research and/or product development purposes. This isn't something a newbie Twitter account will be able to do right away. But it's something to look forward to, and if nothing else, an amazing reason to start building your account and your network.

Twitter Glossary: Just What The Heck is a Twaunt?

There are a bajillion new words surrounding Twitter being invented every day, so I don’t pretend this list is complete. ┬áIf you have other terms, please leave them in the comments! #: People who are discussing a topic or event…

Guest Post: How Many Twitter Accounts?

Our Twitter seminars are bringing light to the challenges out there on not only the Twitter scene, but the social media scene in general. We’re going to focus on this more to help you “get it” because our biggest lesson here is that it’s not that you are or are not bought in, you just don’t know what to do with it. So let’s tackle dilemma #1 – How many Twitter accounts?

How Many Twitter Accounts?

I hate it when I’m reading an article to get an answer and it’s three pages later before they share it – so here is the simple answer: have one account. I think you should have one account as long as you’re able to co-exist with your work/personal life. If you’re running an account for your employer or managing your company’s brand, then that’s not where you personally provide your opinion on people, events and topics. That being said, even if you decide to open a personal account, monitor what you say or lock your account (in your settings select protect my account’ which allows you to moderate who is following you and therefore not making your tweets public). Here are a few general rules for mixing your work and personal Twitter account:

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