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How to Choose Keywords for Your Website

Whether you dive fully into SEO or just dabble a bit, keywords are a must for your website. They’re the key (get it) to people finding your website when they’re searching online. If they’re not properly targeted, they will lead…

Why You Should Care About SEO

If you’ve been ignoring that buzzword, SEO, because it intimidated you, it’s time to embrace your fear and start using it to your advantage.

SEO stands for: Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, it’s the use of keywords in copy that help you be found. These keywords are the words that, when people are searching on search engines like Google, you want to appear in the results for. So if you’re a marketing firm in Vancouver, you want to appear in the results when someone types that in. To do that, you need to use that same phrase, marketing firm in Vancouver, in your web copy or blog posts.

Why You Should Care About SEO

While Google’s always changing the rules for how it determines which sites move up toward the top of search engine results, we do know this:

How to Become Google’s Enemy

I pulled some of this from Inbound Marketing, which I recently reviewed. Google is notorious for constantly changing its formula as to what it deems SEO worthy. One month you might be riding at the top of search engine results,…

How Well Do You Know SEO?

This is a sponsored post. I thought you should know. All opinions are my own. So I understand SEO. I can write mean SEO copy. But beyond that, the technical analysis, jargon, etc., I’m just not into. I hear myself…

Exhaustive SEO Tutorial by CleverStat

This is a sponsored guest post written by Dmitry Pivovarov on behalf of CleverStat. Post powered by Sponzai. SEO has many delicate aspects that might be not easy to grasp. There are also many contradictory facts about SEO and website…

Understanding Good and Bad SEO

This is a sponsored post. I just thought you should know. So you know what SEO is, or at least that it’s important. I write about it from time to time, but here’s a quick definition according to me: SEO,…

How to Generate Traffic for Your Website

Here’s a topic I’m sure we all need to pay more attention to: how to generate web traffic. Sometimes I spend a lot of effort on getting visits to my site. Other times? Not so much. But with a little…

SEO 101: Getting the Most Out of Search Engine Marketing

Sometimes I’m off in my own world, one where everyone knows the benefits of blogs or even what they are. But the reality is, many Internet users and business owners don’t know what these great tools are. It is my mission in life to explain them and help entrepreneurs use them.


Today’s lesson class, is on SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

What it is: SEO is the strategy a business uses to get its website near the top of search results. As someone who searches for websites on say Google or Yahoo, do you ever wander past the first page of results? It’s doubtful you or anyone else does, and that means if your website isn’t on that first page, you’re missing out.

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