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Business Plan for the Self Employed – Good Idea or Waste of Time?

This is a guest post from Brett Jarman.

When you are self-employed you’ve usually got your head down and tail up, getting on with what needs to be done as part of the daily grind. Nine times out of ten, it needs to be done today so the idea of taking time out to put together a business plan can seem like a luxury you can’t afford, possibly even a waste of time.


In a sense that’s correct. A business plan can be a waste of time; however, the planning process itself can be extremely valuable and might even ease some of the tension that comes with the daily grind.

Though he wasn’t talking about self employment, Dwight Eisenhower summed it up nicely when he said, Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. To say plans are worthless might be stretching the point a little but essentially he was saying that things rarely go to plan anyway, so the plan itself should be taken lightly.

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