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5 Signs You’re Using Marketing Automation Too Much

There’s no doubt that marketing automation has been a cost-effective business strategy. A Nucleus Research study showed that marketing automation increases sales productivity by 14.5% and reduces marketing overhead by 12.2%. When it comes to email marketing, automated emails can reach up to 119% higher click rate than regular email blasts. This statistic is consistent with another study by Jupiter Research showing that relevant emails drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast emails.

All these numbers can give enough reasons for you to dedicate a portion of your budget to marketing automation, particularly on email. However, like any other things, too much of a good thing can bring you more harm than benefit. Marketing automation must be done with caution to avoid abuse.

The big question here: How will you know when it’s too much? I’ve listed down some key points to help you determine if you are on the verge of abusing marketing automation.

5 Signs You’re Using Marketing Automation Too Much

Use These 5 Methods to Boost the Impact of Your Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a field where programmers design platforms which are used as part of strategies to market their products and services by maximizing the use of the internet, specifically social media. It can also do automation for tasks that are repeated like the sending of newsletter emails. How much energy you put into setting things up correctly will affect the impact of your marketing automation.

Here are 5 ways that can help you maximize the use of marketing automation.

Use These 5 Methods to Boost the Impact of Your Marketing Automation

The Evolution of Marketing Automation [Infographic]

There was a time when marketing was a serious challenge for SMBs. And to make things worse, the original marketing automation platforms didn’t help either. They were expensive, confusing and difficult to implement.

All of that has changed with time. Over the last few years, marketing automation is increasingly making a huge impact on businesses, irrespective of their sizes.

For example, it is a staggering fact that 79% of companies have now been using marketing automation for more than two years.

Agile CRM is proud to be a part of the MA revolution for SMBs. This new infographic from Agile CRM tells the story of the evolution of marketing automation, from a clunky old robot to the next-gen sales-and-marketing assistant you always dreamed of. Enjoy and share!

Marketing Automation: Email Marketing In Overdrive

For nearly two decades, email marketing has been an integral part of digital marketing. However, the process of email marketing in itself has undergone a sweeping change. Email blasts have lost their sheen in an increasingly evolving digital marketplace.

Over the course of time, marketing automation platforms gained a lot of momentum for their proven benefits that increase the impact of email marketing. This also raised the ROI for all the marketing efforts. Read on to discover more about marketing automation vis-a-vis traditional email marketing and, at times, how both of them can be influential when bundled together.

Marketing Automation: Email Marketing In Overdrive

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