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Endless Encores: Not Your Typical Business Book

I’ve read a lot of business books over the years, and to be honest, most sound the same. This is what you’re doing wrong. Do this for guaranteed success. And yet, these types of books leave me feeling hollow.

Recently I was sent a copy of Endless Encores: Repeating Success Through People, Products, and Profits, by Ken Goldstein. The book is really short (bonus) and touted itself as a business parable, so I was intrigued.

The book is written like a story, which is rather unusual in the business genre. It’s the tale of a man, Paul, who meets an older, successful woman named Daphne in an airport bar. Sound like the start of a romance novel? It’s not. Instead, Daphne imparts her business acumen to him as they talk about both of their businesses as well as their personal lives.

How to Hire Smarter

f you’re going through growing pains in your business, it may be time to hire your first employees. If you’ve been running your business on your own, it may be hard to imagine bringing others on to help you, and you may not have a clue about how to hire great employees that will grow with your company. Never fear: here’s your guide to better hiring.


How to Hire Smarter

1. Decide on What You’re Looking For

You know you need help, but what specific  tasks are you hiring for? Start by listing out each item you need to assign to your new hire, as well as the skills and experience you want. This will help you build out your job description. If you have someone in the position currently, talk to her about her daily duties and any others she thinks should be added on for the new employee.

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