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How to Use Local SEO to Attract New Consumers in Your Area

Did you know that four out of every five consumers use search engines to conduct local searches? That’s why it is vital for local brands to increase their visibility online so that they can bring more local traffic to their business. If you want to boost visibility on the search engines, you will need to improve your local SEO.

Though similar to regular SEO, local search engine optimization requires specific, targeted techniques that aim to help you appear in more local search results. Below, we will provide four simple ways that you can improve your local SEO to bring more local traffic to your business:

1. Claim your company’s local online directories

If you want to show up in local searches, then your business needs to be visible on all the relevant online directories. To get started, make sure that your business is listed correctly and consistently on major business directories like Yelp as well as regional directories that feature local business listings, like the Chamber of Commerce or the local newspaper.

How to Use Local SEO to Attract New Consumers in Your Area

Smart SEO: Insights for Better Google Organic Search Rankings

Google is constantly improving its algorithms to provide better search results for its users. However, that means businesses that want to rank their websites have a constant battle on their hands to stay in the top results. But actually, by sticking to smart SEO strategies and avoiding gaming the system, you can ensure you have nothing to worry about when Google updates its algorithms.

Here are some ways that you can help improve your organic search rankings no matter what changes Google makes over the coming months and years.


I’m on the First Page of Google. Now What?

 Some businesses see getting on the first page of Google as the end goal. But then what?

SEO  is at the front end of a long process of customer acquisition, customer conversion and customer retention.  Before you spend time, effort, energy, and resources getting at the top of search rankings, make sure you have an idea of what that will mean for your bottom line.

When you get more customers coming in to your site does your conversion rate remain stable? You do know your conversion rate, right?

Google Doodle

Are you able to map directly from search engine result ranking to profit? You do know your customer lifetime value, right?

This is why some companies end up on the first page of Google and then are not able to turn that into additional revenue, additional customers, or some other kind of measurable business improvement. A business is a system of creating value. In order to create value consistently you have to have a good idea of how your  OWN  system works and where it is in the value chain.

How to Become Google’s Enemy

I pulled some of this from Inbound Marketing, which I recently reviewed. Google is notorious for constantly changing its formula as to what it deems SEO worthy. One month you might be riding at the top of search engine results,…
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