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Some of The Fundamental Aspects of Email Marketing That You May Not Know

Digital marketing is taking over these days, and a number of companies are opting for the different digital marketing methods for their business purpose. These methods are innovative, unique, cost effective and an excellent way to reach out to more people at a time.

With the advent of internet and technology, the various kinds of digital marketing programs are also becoming the star attraction to a number of people. However, there are certain basic concepts and rules related to all types of digital marketing programs which you should heed, and this would ensure that your marketing requirements are fulfilled, and you can prosper by virtue of it.

Social media marketing, email marketing, SEO management are all part of digital marketing which is very popular today and with little knowledge of the basics you can work them out for yourselves.

Some of The Fundamental Aspects of Email Marketing That You May Not Know

Frame-of-Mind Email Marketing Formulas To Fuel Conversion Rates

Are your email marketing formulas “intimate enough?”

In other words, do you put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and dig in deep to figure out the actual frame-of-mind of your target audience before writing your email copies?

If yes, good for you. Why? Because your email marketing formulas’ opt-in rates could climb.

If your answer is no, be sure, your emails would get buried alive under the mountains of other emails that tend to litter the audiences’ inboxes these days.

Like it or not, emails are the heart of eCommerce these days. And, marketers should make sure that websites get the best click-through rates through emails than tweets or other social media. According to Mario Veloso’s book “Web Copy That Sells,” websites make 90% sales through emails. So, it’s really important for them to be intimate, immediate and in-the-face.

Long story short: If you want to fuel conversion rates of your website, make sure you tap into the users’ frame-of-mind before writing a single line of your email copy.

Putting yourself in recipient’s shoes will help you craft an email copy that perfectly resonates with the target audience.

Frame-of-Mind Email Marketing Formulas To Fuel Conversion Rates

Best Practices to Combine Instagram and Email Marketing for Business Promotions

Email marketing is one of the oldest and first-generation online promotional tactics, which is still efficient and useful. The major advantage of e-mail marketing is that it can go along well with the new age marketing strategies including content and social media marketing, and it enhances the value and outcome of the marketers’ efforts.

Social media can now function on its own, but it can produce much better results when strategically paired together with other components. Social sharing is the backbone of all content initiatives now, and avenues like Facebook retargeting and LinkedIn promotions open doors for better lead generation opportunities. Instagram is also slowly joining the league as the marketer’s best tool for promotions and lead generation. Let’s see how it fits in.

Best Practices to Combine Instagram and Email Marketing for Business Promotions

Rich Media in Email Marketing [Infographic]

Email marketing is an integral part of any marketing strategy. But long gone are the days when a one-size-fits-all ideology was used for roping in new prospects. Email marketers now strategize their marketing approach and like to experiment (A/B test) with different elements to understand what their subscribers love to receive.

Ever since HTML coding was introduced into email coding methods, the race for offering a rich user experience through multimedia began. Plain text emails are a great option for crisis communications and reducing SPAM scores. But email marketers have now migrated from plain text emails to feature-rich emails with Images, GIFs, cinemagraphs, and videos to make emails visually appealing and in turn help increase user engagement.

Fun Fact: Rich media in email effectively evokes emotion, drawing greater engagement. Big brands like American Apparel and Dell, using GIF in their email campaigns have experienced a 103% increase in conversion rate! (Source)

Why SMS Marketing is a Great Way to Engage with Customers

Email marketing is dead, it has been dead for at least the last couple of years, and its funeral is no secret.

So what’s the replacement? Digital Marketing can’t be dead with emails, right? Well, that’s where SMS marketing made its appearance.

SMS marketing actually came into existence quite some time back, but was being dominated by emails. Only when emails started to fade away could the true colors and sky-high potential of SMS Marketing be recognized.

Why SMS Marketing is a Great Way to Engage with Customers

Conversion Is Key: How To Convert Sales Via Email

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to target customers with communications that address their needs, interests and phase in your sales cycle. But, email campaigns that convert prospects into paying customers requires strategy. Here is how to convert sales via email.

Conversion Is Key: How To Convert Sales Via Email

How Bad Email Marketing Behaviors Can Derail Marketing Campaigns [Infographic]

As a marketer, we tend to think that the messaging we send out is interesting and not bothersome to our audiences. Not everyone uses email marketing best practices correctly. Marketers are often inundated with email marketing best practices but may be overlooking some of the worst practices that don’t get talked about as much.  Email marketing services provider Reachmail wanted to examine some of the most common bad email marketing behaviors and worst practices.

They put together a really informative infographic that lists some of the email marketing behaviors exhibited my email marketers and linked each behavior to a memorable character from pop culture to help marketers remember how not to act.  Most marketers have good intentions, they are simply under the pressure to get results, and as a result of that pressure, have a tendency to perform some of these bad email practices.  To learn more, check out the infographic from Reachmail.

Best Email Marketing Practices: 5 Key Thumb Rules

As we all know, despite a plethora of innovative channels available for brands, email is still one of the most effective cross-channel marketing strategies to reach and communicate with your customers from the business point of view. Let’s share some of the best email marketing practices that marketers worldwide should use (right from figuring out what to write in your emails to whom to send) to optimize their campaign results.

To start with, email marketing is all about getting the basics right. The thumb rule is to do proper planning through all of the campaign elements.

Best Email Marketing Practices: 5 Key Thumb Rules

Email Marketing Will Experience a Second Coming of Age

What’s coming next for email marketing this 2016? Thus far, things are looking pretty good. Responsive designs are becoming more present, quality emails abound and a wealth of new strategies are being developed by web marketers to make sure their business can live up to the competition. Interactive email functionalities have been limited to email carousels, live Twitter feeds and embedded videos; and that’s not all. Increasingly more brands are stepping out from the shadow to allow subscribers to fill out their shopping sessions – customize orders, view products and decide on the size of their purchase – within an email.

Does this mean that we’ll be able to shop for things within emails without ever clicking on a website landing page? Probably, although we’re not entirely sure whether customers will like this new approach or not; we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out some other pioneering email marketing trends that will go mainstream this 2016.

Email Marketing Will Experience a Second Coming of Age During 2016

The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Eye-Catching Emails Using Heat Maps Data

Just about every business engages in some sort of email marketing campaign to engage their current customer base and to attract new customers.  Many businesses spend large marketing budgets to only achieve mediocre results with their email marketing campaigns. One thing business owners can do to achieve more effective email marketing, is to analyze their emails to find out what people find engaging.  Once they have that information, they can design their emails to more actively engage their customer base.

Easy SMTP partnered with computational neuroscience firm EyeQuant to use some of their specialized heat mapping software to analyze a number of email marketing campaigns to see how they were performing. The results of this study were turned into a comprehensive and visually appealing infographic that can be seen here.

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