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Think Personalization in Marketing Doesn’t Work? Think Again!

“There’s no sweeter sound to any person’s ear than the sound of their own name…” ~ Dale Carnegie

Carnegie had many one-liners and bits of wisdom, but this is one of his best. Your name is one of the first words you’ll ever hear. You’ll have it spoken to you softly as your mom cradles you in her arms, yelled to you when you’re in trouble and used to personalize some of life’s finest moments.

This one word – your customer’s name – matters more than any other in marketing. Why? Because it stops making the transaction feel like, well, a transaction. Instead, it makes the experience personal. Personalization in marketing is one of the best ways to really connect with your audience.

Think Personalization in Marketing Doesn't Work? Think Again!

Merge Social Media with Direct Mail for an Effective Marketing Strategy

Direct marketing and social media are often seen as two separate and very distinct promotional options. In spite of crystal-clear differences used to grab customer attention, it’s possible for them to be combined into a killer marketing strategy too. You just have to know how to use them both to create the most potent multichannel marketing tactic for your business. Direct mail campaigns can easily be linked to social media using simple methods to help build a bridge between client and brand.

Multichannel promotional strategies come with fundamental perks for both the client and the company since marketers have all the experience required to work across all kinds of marketing channels.

Merge Social Media with Direct Mail for an Effective Marketing Strategy

Best Practices for Direct Mail Campaigns

With inboxes filling up with multiple email marketing messages, invites and the like, some small businesses are turning to direct mail as a way to stand out with specific audiences. While direct mail requires more time, more money, and more creativity, with the right planning and these best practices, your direct mail campaign can prove well worth the effort.

Be Picky

While email marketing is targeted, it’s still mass communication compared to direct mail, because with a few tweaks and some automated personalization, you can send essentially the same email to hundreds and to thousands of people. The effort of direct mail campaigns limits your recipients so your time and money will be rewarded when you have a very clear, narrow and disciplined target audience.

Choose only the most valuable targets to engage with in this medium to ensure the greatest rewards.

Direct Marketing That Works: The Lumpy Package

Marketing is cyclical. Where direct mail became passe a few years ago in favor of email (and then mobile marketing), it’s now a great way to have a big impact on getting your audience’s attention. But it can’t be just any direct marketing mail. A carefully planned out campaign is the only one sure to get the recipient’s attention.


I have a client who launched a Thanksgiving direct mail campaign. Why? It beats the influx of Christmas cards and gifts, and because it stands out. We sent three mailings, each with its own Thanksgiving-related item (a corn cob, candle, and a toy turkey). The goal was to make the recipient smile, and let their guard down, so that my client could follow up with an appointment to meet them.

We could have just done a postcard campaign, but the recipients are a highly targeted bunch, and we wanted to step outside the proverbial box. So we’re sending lumpy mail, which is a surefire way to get the mail open. 

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