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Marketing Automation: Email Marketing In Overdrive

For nearly two decades, email marketing has been an integral part of digital marketing. However, the process of email marketing in itself has undergone a sweeping change. Email blasts have lost their sheen in an increasingly evolving digital marketplace.

Over the course of time, marketing automation platforms gained a lot of momentum for their proven benefits that increase the impact of email marketing. This also raised the ROI for all the marketing efforts. Read on to discover more about marketing automation vis-a-vis traditional email marketing and, at times, how both of them can be influential when bundled together.

Marketing Automation: Email Marketing In Overdrive

Why Customer Relationship Management Fails and How to Fix It

You had the best intentions with your new customer relationship management (CRM) software but it didn’t work. Your team didn’t get on board with it and as a result, you stopped using it too. Now, you’re back to square one. You know you need a way to track your customers and leads, but where do you begin?

Your CRM can fail for a number of reasons. The most common is the lack of adoption by your team. To help you use your CRM more effectively, here’s how to fix poor adoption and get more out of this powerful business tool.

Why CRM Fails and How to Fix It

10 Steps to Using CRM Smartly

If you’re still logging customer contact information in a spreadsheet, let me introduce you to a tool that’s going to change the way you do business:

Customer Relationship Management software.

Also called CRM, this software is designed to help you easily maintain a database of all your clients and contacts, as well as keep notes on conversations you have, link to emails, and track where you are in closing a lead.

Small business owners are, by definition, usually juggling a lot, so it can be easy to let things slip through the cracks. But by using CRM, you can set up tasks and reminders to follow up on a lead so that you are more organized and close more sales.

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