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How to React When Your Brand Name is Tarnished Online

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.  We live in an age of social media networks. For marketers, ignoring the shift from brands telling a story to consumers, to consumers telling a brand’s story is dangerous.

The worlds of public relations and marketing have merged. Now, the story brands tell on websites and social media networks garner the attention of the public. Reporters turn to Twitter to find the latest topics of conversation. Consumers turn to peers on social media networks to find more information about a brand name, product, or service.

How to React When Your Brands Name is Tarnished Online

The upside to this social shift is easier, more expansive reach online. The downside? Your brand name is in jeopardy of slander because of one bad experience. Marketers often don’t have warning or control over this. As the face of the brand on social media networks, marketers are the first to see the damage “ and the first to react.

The way you react to public criticism online is more important than what’s actually said. If you see your brand name getting tarnished online, here is a quick lesson in crisis communication. With these tips in mind, you can do fast damage control and minimize the negative impact bad comments on social media have on your brand.

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