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How to Write a Call-To-Action That Actually Converts

Have you spent hours poring over every word in your sales copy? Did you craft the perfect landing page for each of your service items? Great job, but now what?

One of the most forgotten steps in writing sales copy online is ending with a strong call-to-action. As the marketer, you know what you want your audience to do next. You want them call, fill out a form, request a free report, or follow you on Facebook.

How to Write a Call-To-Action That Actually Converts

But here’s the trick: Your audience and you are not on the same page. They have their own ideas about what’s going to happen next.

The person who lands on your website is busy. She has kids to pick up from soccer practice. She has a family to feed when she gets home from a grueling day in the office. She’s busy, busy, busy. When she finally finds you online, all she wants is for your business to make her life a little bit easier.

When you write a call-to-action that pushes your audience to the next step in the sales process, you make the transaction a little bit easier.

Six Essential Strategies for Crafting a Compelling Call to Action

Business is, in many ways, a lot like life. Take, for example, the compelling call to action. In life, you generally have to ask someone to do something if you want to make sure that it gets done. Sure, you can sit and hope that your kids will clear the table after dinner, or that your husband will get off the couch and take the garbage out — but typically, it’s just not going to get done unless you specifically (and perhaps assertively) ask for it to get done!

That’s how it works in business, too. Your small business may need people to buy its products, sign up for its e-mail list, or like its Facebook page. Whatever the specific task, if it’s something that needs to get done, then it’s something you need to ask for. Trusting consumers or clients to do what you want them to do, without ever pausing to request their action, is simply not a winning strategy.

Creating Calls to Action That Work

Tell me something: why should I visit your site? What benefit is there for me? What will it give me? That’s what creating calls to action should address. What’s in it for me? If you didn’t take Marketing 101, you…

Getting The Most Out of Your Marketing: Part III: Call to Action

So you’ve told the reader what’s in it for them. You’ve included a great marketing offer. Now what?


  • “Call now and we’ll throw in an extra Ginsu knife absolutely free!”
  • “Act now! Quantities are limited!”
  • “Discount good through January 30.”
  • “100% money-back guarantee for 30 days.”

Stimulate Your Readers to Take Action

You need a call to action. Something to stimulate your reader to get off his chair and call you or visit your website NOW. Without a call to action, he will put down your postcard/close your email and think he will come back to it later. At that point, you’ve likely lost him.

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