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What Yummy Cupcakes’ Customer Service Can Teach Your Small Business

When your company turns ten years old, it’s cause for celebration. And what’s a birthday celebration without a (cup)cake?

That was the thought process when Susan Guillory, the rockstar owner of Egg Marketing, ordered and sent Yummy Cupcakes to loop in team members like myself from afar into the festivities.

The problem? The United States Postal Service didn’t quite get the message that this party needed to be enjoyed in a timely manner or else (like any good party that goes on for far too long), it’d start to rot.

What Brands are You Loyal To?

At DellCAP, someone brought up the topic of the brands we are loyal to in our lives. I gave this some thought. What brands would I stick with, through thick and thin? What ones would I use, even if they…

Brand Loyalty Tips from a Four-Year-Old

My preschool-age son recently discovered our car (named Arthur) is a Honda. He is now a Honda fan and spots Hondas all over the place. He has eyes for no other brand. He is, in a nutshell, a brand evangelist.…
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