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What Sales Can Learn From Content Marketers

I was recently having lunch with a friend, a salesperson for a small technology firm, when he mentioned he was having trouble getting warm leads to bite and become hot leads. I began asking him questions about his communication channels, his tone, and content and before we knew it, we had identified three big take-aways for improving his outreach. I looked at the list and realized they were all strategies for good content marketing and something many sales and marketing professionals would value.

What Sales Can Learn From Content Marketers

How to be a Bad Salesperson

Here’s a story. I love sharing stories to illustrate a point.

I received a call from someone who consults for Facebook ( Honey! Facebook just called me! ). Since I didn’t recognize the number, I let it go to voicemail. She wasn’t specific about what she wanted, but it had to do with my husband’s startup. Did Facebook want to buy them? Integrate with them? The possibilities were interesting.

She said she’d email me too, so I went to my email to see what the deal was. She didn’t reveal a lot more in the email, but her signature screamed salesperson. Not interested.

So I emailed her back and told her politely that we weren’t in a position to advertise at this point.

Within the next week, she left three more messages.

Hi Susan! This is X from Facebook, just checking back with you! Blah blah blah.

Clearly, if I was interested, I would have responded by now, right? Plus I had emailed her.

By the third call, I was livid. I wrote her another email, this time with the subject: Please stop calling me. (How’s that for an attention getter?)

You’ve left me three voicemails after I emailed you back telling you I wasn’t interested in advertising. This is beyond persistent. Please take me off your list. Thank you.


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