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Start Using Flipboard to Promote Your Content Marketing

As a content marketer, I know how much time and effort we put into creating the right message, using the right medium in order to deliver specific results. But the only way to achieve those results and to get a return on your content marketing is to promote the content, which in turns promotes your brand, products, services, offers, etc.

Including Flipboard in their social media marketing mix can be an especially effective way to promote your content. Flipboard is an app for your desktop and phone that curates content from across the web. For content marketers, this is a golden opportunity because people self-select what they’re interested in, so you can do a better job targeting content to the right people. So let’s take a closer look at using Flipboard to promote your content marketing.

Start Using Flipboard to Promote Your Content Marketing

Get To Know Flipboard

The first step I recommend to all my small business clients considering a new social channel is to become familiar with it.

  • create a personal account,
  • download the app on your phone,
  • add your preferences
  • and follow contacts

Get into the habit of checking it every day for two weeks. I check mine first thing in the morning. Create a SWIPE file you’ll soon start to understand the value Flipboard has to its users and how you can use it to promote your content marketing.

Create Brand Magazines

After creating an account under your small business, using searchable terms in your description, the first thing you’ll want to do to promote your content is to create a few brand magazines around topics your targets care about and that you have expertise in. When creating these magazines keep these points in mind:

  1. Ensure you can add content to key topics on a regular basis. Your most popular blog tags are a good place to start.
  2. Fill in the magazine description with keywords so when people search for topics, and Flipboard makes recommendations, you’re sure to be added to that list.
  3. Add content from your company blog, white papers, webinars, etc. to relevant magazines. Don’t be afraid to include other non-company content on each subject, but nothing is stopping you from having two magazines on each subject; one for your company content and another for curated relevant content, that includes your company content.
  4. Add their extension to your Chrome Browser so you can quickly keep your magazines up to date with your latest content with a push of a button.

Advertise Your Most Important Content

When your small business embarks on a big content push, like a webinar, it’s smart to add Flipboard to your list of outlets, for the reasons mentioned above. With a reach of over 82 million monthly readers, it may very well be worth splurging on branded magazines or ads that are displayed in reader’s flips.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Like all marketing, test out different tactics and of course add Flipboard to your social sharing buttons.

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April Lisonbee

April is a marketing consultant who has been helping small and medium sized companies develop and execute cross-channel marketing strategies for more than five years. April’s work with sales and marketing started with integrating innovating marketing strategies into existing Fortune 500 B2B sales teams’ activities in order to improve revenue. April has since developed a passion for new technology and digital media that has led her to work with startups in building, managing and growing their influence and tie marketing into sales, experiences she writes about on several blogs. With a strong strategic mindset and wide marketing experience, April now helps clients which range from established leaders in manufacturing looking to defend their market share, to e-commerce companies expanding their digital product line.

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