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Social Networks Have Changed Our Lives Forever

At the moment almost nobody takes a photograph without seeing it published on Facebook; many are those who, whenever they go somewhere worthy of note, register their presence electronically through a check-in. The enthusiasts of sharing give good days, good afternoons and even good nights via Twitter to their followers and friends daily.

It is impossible to forget that for an overwhelming majority, social networks represent leisure time: moments spent with friends, sharing of moods or exposing those holiday photographs (from envy to best friend). While more and more people are looking at social networks in a professional way, it seems to me that until we become something as serious like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (just to name a few), there is still a long way to go.

Social Networks Have Changed Our Lives Forever

Many people, when they are at work, cannot consult any kind of social network. Many rational motives are pointed out to justify it and I cannot bluntly say that I do not agree with them. The most pertinent being the distraction and dispersal of the work that lies ahead.

However in my opinion, if well used, social networks can be a fundamental support in many jobs. Some examples from my experience of how we can make precious contributions from our social networking contacts to our work are:

Follow the Leader

It seems easy but requires hours of research and enough updates over time. However, if we can be friends on Facebook, professional contacts on LinkedIn or followers on Twitter of professionals in our area, we will always have our news feeds or timelines with endless amount of learning that “falls on our lap,” without us even having to look for them.

Identifying opinion makers and liking brands that do a good job online is half way to working “accompanied” by the best. Likewise, with some dedication we will be able to be accepted in groups where they debate and share knowledge about the themes that most of us like. Once we join the group, we will once again be presented with information that we otherwise would not have access to (at least not so immediately and selected).

Can You Help Me?

The social networking community has proven to be valuable in helping, commenting, sharing, voting, or giving ideas. Countless times I ask my contacts what they think of an idea or concept or ask for some recommendation on what program to use or what approach to follow for a given topic. And the answers of quality will not be long.


It is quick to brainstorm through social networks. It throws an idea to the air and we have at the moment several opinions, suggestions and, sometimes, totally different ideas on how to proceed. All in real time and in a spirit of mutual help often between people who do not even know each other personally!

What Goes Around Comes Around

Of course our online approach can not only be to take and take; we should also contribute to the community. By sharing information of our interest and being available to help, we will nurture this infinite chain of knowledge, while we will also be able to affirm professionally with our peers.

Especially for these reasons, I feel privileged to have access to social networks in my workplace. They help me to be well-informed, more supported and what is best done for things around the world in my area of ​​competence and this makes me, without a doubt, a more competitive person. Who knows? In the coming years, both companies and workers will face social networks in this way and also become more competitive prepared to face the constant challenges of an ever changing reality.

It won’t be too long when you hear stuff like, “My parents met on Facebook.” But I can say, today that “I got my job via Facebook.” And from here, the sky is the limit!

Author Bio:

This is Yousuf A. Raza, a professional content writer and digital marketing expert at Dream World Travel who enjoys writing, playing football and cooking during spare time.

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