If you’re not getting the number of visitors to your blog that you want, step back and see the blog through other people’s eyes. What do they see? A crowded site with too much going on? A blog that hasn’t been updated in months? Now look at other blogs and see what you like about them. Then see: what can you apply to your own blog?

How Can You Boost Blog Traffic With One Small Tweak?

Boosting your blog traffic doesn’t have to take a great deal of time. Start with one of these, then see how it affects traffic.

  • Add quality image to each post (Creative Commons or a subscription service)
  • Use bullets and lists, as well as subheaders to break up the text
  • Experiment with different length content to see which people respond best to
  • Invite guest bloggers to vary up the content
  • Make sure you have an RSS widget so people can subscribe to your updates