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Why You Shouldn’t Be a One-Wo/Man Show

If you are, as I suspect, a “solopreneur,” meaning you handle everything from opening your business in the morning to signing checks and taking out the trash, I have a wakeup call for you. You could be doing a whole lot better. By being the only person in your business, you’re likely missing the bigger picture (it’s hard to plan strategy when you’re putting price tags on inventory).


I’ve talked before about delegating, but here I want to talk about working with mentors and consultants. I am a marketing consultant, and I fill that role of someone for business owners to bounce ideas off of. I falsely assumed because I consult that I don’t need my own consultant. (Don’t you hate those “oh duh” realizations?) I’ve worked with a few business coaches who have helped me see my business in a different light, and who have given me ideas based on their own experience that I wouldn’t have come up with on my own. Read more

Entrepreneur Inspiration

I’d like to deviate from my usual discussion on marketing to discuss being an entrepreneur.

What excites and inspires you most about growing your business, and why?

I love Egg Marketing & Public Relations. It’s really blossomed over the past year. And now I’m ready to help it grow. It’s as if it took me a year to truly believe that my business was going to thrive, and now I’m ready to take the next step forward. Read more

When Sex Shouldn’t Sell: Taking Corporate Responsibility in Marketing

You may have heard about (or seen) Hardee’s commercials featuring a strip-teasing teacher, Paris Hilton washing a car, or a woman putting her fist in her mouth and wondered exactly what the burger chain was selling. The company has been getting a lot of flack for its “sex sells” campaigns, and I have to agree with the critics. While, yes, as a marketer, I understand that sex is used all the time to sell products, I have to draw the line at the innuendo that a teacher being ogled by her students presents. Sure, it was a spoof. I could almost laugh at it. But for the fact that degrades women (essentially comparing them to a slab of beef) and gives young men and women a skewed idea of what marketing should be.

And come on, who really believes Paris washes her own car or eats greasy burgers? Read more