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Hire Egg Marketing & Communications

The purpose of this blog is to educate you, Dear Reader, on how to do your own marketing. But should you come up against a brick wall and need the aid of an intelligent, flexible and smart marketing consultation firm, allow me to offer my company’s services.

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Egg’s been helping businesses for nearly three years expand their reach through internet marketing and PR. Here’s a summary of the services we offer.

Social Media

We set up Twitter and Facebook accounts for our clients and update them on their behalf. We add relevant contacts and send updates on our clients, as well as links, and start conversations that pertain to their industries. We’ve successfully increased web traffic for clients 200%!

Press Releases

Press releases, as I’ve said it time and time again, are a great way to get cheap publicity. We write SEO-friendly releases and send them out via PRWeb, thus reaching thousands through news and niche websites. We also send them directly to targeted lists of editors, and encourage them to write a review or conduct an interview of our clients. We’ve gotten our clients placed in nationwide publications and websites!


If you want to establish yourself as an expert, blogs might be for you. We can design and customize a blog template for you, write posts and promote your blog.

Email Marketing

Are you communicating with your contacts? You could be missing out on valuable business opportunities if you’re not. We can work with you to create email and newsletter campaigns to keep you on the top of the minds of future clients.

This is only a sampling of the marketing and public relations we can offer you. If you have a question or just want a free consultation, please contact me at 321. 280.6895 or email me. And I’m always available via Twitter!

Strength First, Flexibility Later

As I craned my foot up and over my hip in a very uncomfortable variation of downward dog, my yoga instructor said, “Strength first, flexibility later. If you don’t have the strength you can’t have the flexibility.”


That phrase has stuck with me all day. And I’m not thinking about yoga. I’m thinking about my business. Consider this another article on Egg’s rebranding, because I’m going to delve into my company’s history to explain.

Do not try this at you have the strength.

Early on, too early, really, I tried to be flexible. Press releases? Sure we write ’em. Resumes? Um, okay, we can do those too. Ghostwrite your book? Sure! I need the money. But all the additional services I added on quickly crumbled as i realized my strength did not lie in party planning, ghostwriting, and booking events. Maybe one day I’ll have the staff to help me do all these things, but trying to bend in too many directions caused more problems than it was worth.

So I could have used that “strength first, flexibility later” advice back then. It’s not too late, though. Over the years, I’ve carefully culled the types of work I really don’t want to do or don’t have resources to make it happen easily. I’ve turned projects away. And as much as that hurts, I know it’s only helping to strengthen me and my business.

Once I’m strong, I am better able to take on more flexibility and different projects!

So what about you? Are you strong enough for flexibility, or are you bending your business in directions it doesn’t want to go? Here are my suggestions:

  • Make a list of the things your company does well
  • Make a list of the things it does, but with some effort
  • Figure out where your profit lies
  • Trim some services or products and focus on the good stuff
  • Read this blog post on the 80/20 rule and SIMPLIFY!

Do Not Fear Self Promotion

I love going to conferences. I always come back with so much fodder for my blog(s). I attended the Florida Conference for Women yesterday, and what an amazing bunch of speakers! Over the next few weeks I’ll share the knowledge I gleaned.

Tory Johnson of Women for Hire talked a bit about self promotion, so let’s start there. Now, in the past I’ve talked about becoming an expert, but today I want to talk more about tooting your own horn.

Courtesy of VOdesigner on Stock.xchng

Courtesy of VOdesigner on Stock.xchng

It’s hard for us, especially women, to sing our own praises. Often we wait for others to do it. But let me tell you right now: they ain’t gonna do it. What I got from Tory’s keynote was that you have to be proud of your accomplishments (and tell others about them) to succeed.

Take a moment and think. The last time your company got a big contract/created a new product/promoted an employee/got an award/grew sales, did you tell anyone? Besides your mother?   This is great fodder for a press release, an email campaign, a Tweet or a blog post. If you don’t tell everyone how great you are, how will they know?

There’s a tactful way to share your good news without being boastful. And people like hearing about your successes. They make them trust in you and your company even more, and will convert that trust to sales when the time is right.