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How-To Tuesday: Finding Your Target Audience

Do you really know who your target audience is? Please don’t say “everyone.” It’s important to drill down and determine exactly who buys your products and how they like to be marketed to. Today’s how-to will help you do just that.

Finding Your Target Audience

Step 1: Make a list

Make a list of all the attributes of your ideal client. Make her/him into a character, if that helps. If it’s important to understanding your target, describe the kind of clothes she wears, what she enjoys doing, what she eats, where she lives. Also how old she is and how much money she makes are key. If you sell high end jewelry, you are probably not selling to broke college kids. Read more

Happy Birthday to Egg! (and a Present for You!)

Hooray! Egg Marketing & Public Relations turns three today! I’m so proud of her growth. My baby girl has grown leaps and bounds since I hatched her three years ago.

Let me tell you Egg’s story.

After finding myself out of a job in investor relations, I started freelancing. I wrote a few press releases, then realized that I’d probably get more work if I started a company versus being an individual. So I set out to find a name.

I was watching Funny Face, with my role model, Audrey Hepburn. She works in a bookstore at the beginning of the film called something like Embryo Books. I liked the idea that the word ’embryo’ portrayed: giving birth to something. But Embryo Marketing was kind of gross. So I kept thinking. What else gives birth or life to ideas? EGGS!

And so Egg Marketing & Public Relations was hatched.

Since then, I’ve added staff and services, and we now offer everything from press releases to social media management. I’m proud to have survived the bad economy (and just barely at times) and been able to work from home. I love what I do, and hope to have many more birthdays.


Marketing Outside the Box

I’m embarking on an exciting marketing adventure for one of my clients, ioSafe. ioSafe produces fireproof and waterproof external hard drives, and hired me and a few other PR pros to boost its web traffic. So of course, we’re working with press releases and blogs, but then I had an idea.

What about a video?

I have devised a storyline for Ima Iosafe, a personalized external hard drive looking for a little getaway from the drudgeries of being blasted with flames and dunked in water. She’ll have many adventures, and I don’t want to give away too much right now, but here’s a sneak peek of Ima IoSafe.

So relating this back to you, don’t necessarily do what everyone else is doing when it comes to marketing. Think of something wild and crazy that will get people’s attention and curiosity.

What kinds of marketing have you done that was outside the box?