Marketing That Works: The Sales Letter

For someone who's all about the next wave of technology I sure am slow to adopt. I didn't like ebooks. I had no urge for a Blackberry. I hated sales letters. But I have converted on all fronts. Hallelujah.

Why Free Ebooks Work: Interview with the Publicity Hound

As promised, here is my interview with Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound. First let me give her a brief introduction. Joan worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for 22 years. She left to start her own business consulting in public relations in southeast Wisconsin. This being the mid-nineties, she quickly realized she could reach a much wider audience if she brought her business online. As she said, that “opened up my market to the entire world.”


Joan started by offering a free PR newsletter, and quickly began to add products for sale, beginning what she calls the “work-get paid-get paid-get paid” model that we now all strive for. She is now an expert in public relations. She shares her knowledge with anyone who wants it, and shows you how to use free publicity to establish your credibility, enhance your reputation, position yourself as an expert, sell more products and services, promote a favorite cause or issue, and position your company as an employer of choice.

Eggcerpts From Natalie: How Important is Market Research?

I’m introducing a new weekly post from my Marketing Associate, Natalie Grbic. Natalie is studying Marketing at the University of Central Florida, and will present the topics she’s studying in marketing, while I will follow up with real-world examples. Hope you like it!


As marketers, why do we need research? This was the first question my Marketing Research professor posed in the first lecture class in the beginning of the semester. He then asked “Isn’t a major in marketing enough to teach us what consumers need, so that we don’t have to conduct anymore research?” I thought for a moment and came to the conclusion that the answer is no.

As marketers, we are learning tools and factors, not the answer. We can’t only rely on our own interests and needs because if there is something you should know, it is that you “don’t know.” With research, we are continually keeping up to date with the ever changing tastes and preferences of consumers. It also reduces uncertainty that marketers may have.

My Blog Could Kick Your Website’s A@#

I just read Suzanne Falter-Barns’ post on ProBlogger: Have Blogs Killed Conventional Websites? and I’d like to put in my 2 cents.


Used to be everyone was struggling to keep up with competitors just by having a website. Now if you don’t have a blog you’re behind. Forget for a moment that you’re not web-savvy, if that’s true, and look at the benefits of blogs over websites. I’ll borrow from Suzanne’s list and add my own.

Blogs are easier to update. Sites like WordPress make it simple to upload posts instantly, so as soon as you think of a topic, you can write it and post it within minutes. With websites, you likely have to call your IT or web design guy to get anything changed.

Marketing That Works: The Free Ebook

A really popular marketing tool right now is the free ebook. As you know, an ebook is a digital document, similar to a book (although possibly shorter) that you read on your computer. Rather than going through traditional channels for publishing a book, you can write a book and get it out immediately.


Offering a free ebook does several things:
1. Shows off your expertise
2. Generates interest in what you do
3. Converts readers into future customers

Why Oprah is Marketing Nirvana

I, like most Americans, love Oprah. I find her warm, intelligent, and spot-on when it comes to picking great guests, topics and books. It's amazing how a single woman has defined popular culture just based on her tastes (or maybe the tastes of her staff). But how many people have you heard say "I saw it on Oprah," or "I read it because it was in Oprah's book club?"

Do Press Releases Need a Facelift?

I recently read this blog post entitled "The Traditional Press Release is Dead!" It brings up a good point, and one I hadn't thought of. Press releases are formatted the way they always have been, which is geared toward the media at newspapers. The post says press releases for onlin

Staying on Track with Your Marketing Plan

I’m so sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written! Last week I had the Plague, and it’s taken me a while to get back up and running (we won’t even talk about how long it’s been since I went to yoga). There’s always an excuse to get off track, isn’t there?


Speaking of getting off track, how’s your marketing plan? It’s just February, but are you still being diligent about reaching your marketing goals?

Let me guess, you’ve been swamped. You’ve been out of town. Your dog ate your marketing plan.

Whatever the excuse, it’s time to get back on track before your excuses spin out of control. Here are some tips to get you focused.

SEO 101: Getting the Most Out of Search Engine Marketing

Sometimes I’m off in my own world, one where everyone knows the benefits of blogs or even what they are. But the reality is, many Internet users and business owners don’t know what these great tools are. It is my mission in life to explain them and help entrepreneurs use them.


Today’s lesson class, is on SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

What it is: SEO is the strategy a business uses to get its website near the top of search results. As someone who searches for websites on say Google or Yahoo, do you ever wander past the first page of results? It’s doubtful you or anyone else does, and that means if your website isn’t on that first page, you’re missing out.

Become an Email Marketing Expert

Tomorrow I am giving a presentation on email marketing, so I thought I’d share my notes with you here. Also, I just got a link to this blog post: 100+ Tools & Tutorials to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns. It’s an amazingly in-depth list of tools and resources that will help you improve your email campaigns.


Emails sent to your contacts should be informative and useful, not blatant, advertisements. Readers appreciate resources that help them, and they keep that in mind when they need your services or products.

How many emails should I send each month? The answer to this will vary with who you’re talking to. Given my experience as a sender (and as a receiver), I recommend two times per month:

Web 2.0 vs. Web 3.0: Is There Really a Difference?

It’s interesting trying to research something before it’s officially defined (Web 3.0). I remember not long ago doing the same for Web 2.0 and now it’s fully upon us. But for those of you who just don’t plain understand what these numbers signify, let me try to break it down (and hey, I can’t be wrong because 3.0 hasn’t happened yet!).


Web 2.0 is the era of communication and Internet that is upon us now. It’s content, it’s blogs, it’s social networking. We’re starting to see these tools interact, but that’s early days.

For marketers, Web 2.0 means we’ve shifted away from traditional, old-school marketing like billboards and phone book ads. We’ve taken on new channels like email marketing, blogs and viral marketing.