8 Surprises About Franchise Marketing

I’ve always prided myself on my creative marketing solutions. I scoffed at people who owned franchises. What possible challenge could there be in taking your marketing out of a box and putting it up?

8 Surprises About Franchise Marketing

Truly I felt the same about a franchise business as a whole. I built Egg Marketing & Public Relations from the keyboard up, and a “turnkey solution” just never appealed to my entrepreneur spirit.

Enter my husband. Entrepreneur, lover of all opportunities, big or small. He convinced me to buy a Marble Slab Creamery near our home (not really: 20 minute commute) in Orlando. I was skeptical, but I love ice cream, so hey, how bad could it be? And since I am a Marketing Eggspert, I would handle the take-out-of-the-box marketing.

Eggcerpts from Natalie: Marketing Effectiveness

Potential clients ask me to assure them I can get results for them. What are results? Do you want a 100% increase in sales? Or just an increase in brand recognition? Know what your objectives are before interviewing a marketing or PR firm so that the firm knows what you expect of them.

Are You a Slave to Social Media?

Facebook. LinkedIn. Twitter.

It’s great to have so many tools available to connect to others and promote your own business. But when is enough enough?

Are You a Slave to Social Media?

I see an epidemic here in the marketing world. People are using not one, not two, but dozens of social media tools to promote their companieseggmarketingpr.com/blog.and for what?? They have no time to work on their business. And they may not even be getting anything out of their efforts.

Eggcerpts From Natalie: Why You Need Publicity

by Natalie Grbic From a marketing standpoint, publicity is one component of promotion. Publicity is a very important factor when it is linked to public relations. It is a purposeful attempt that manages the public’s perception of a subject. A…

An Entrepreneur Tangent

Indulge me in the opportunity to stray from my usual commentary on marketing. My other passion is talking about entrepreneurship (I even wrote a book about it). As most of my readers are entrepreneurs, I would like to pose a question to you:

Why is it so hard for us to go on vacation?

An Entrepreneur Tangent

As loyal readers noticed, I was away last week on a well deserved vacation. Everyone asks where I went. Nowhere, actually. My mother came to visit, and rather than trying to pretend I was fully functional as a business (answering phone calls and emails) I decided, gulp, to turn off my email and cover my phone so the blinking message light wouldn’t drive me crazy. I work from home, so completely leaving the office is never possible.

Eggcerpts From Natalie: Living in a New School Marketing World

Over the years, marketing has transformed immensely. Old school marketing has been outdated with today’s “new” emerging marketing strategies. Press releases, search engine optimizers (SEO), and pay per click ads are taking over the marketing world. Old school marketing, such as direct mail and print ads, was generally used in previous years; however is still used by a small population of marketers today.

Living in a New School Marketing World

Most marketers used a direct mail campaign to target a certain market. They would research a specific mailing list in order to convince consumers to buy their product/service. Direct mail is a difficult way of advertising because most consumers consider direct mail junk mail and immediately toss it in the garbage. On the other hand, a print ad speaks to your audience strictly through visual means. Most marketers used print ads in magazines and newspapers to try and motivate the consumer to purchase their product/service.

Simplify Your Marketing

Just a quick note. I promised myself a short day, since it's Friday! Even I, lover of all things marketing, get overwhelmed with so many options out there. Press releases. Blogs. Social Networking. Podcasts. SEO. Email marketing.

Eggcerpts From Natalie: Social Networking Marketing From Gen Y’s Perspective

Being part of Generation Y, I encounter all the buzz about trendy social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. These sites have become extremely popular in today’s internet world. They give users the opportunity to stay in contact with old friends, advertise, and meet people. MySpace, with over 70 million users, is used by teens, bands, and businesses from all around the world. Facebook is geared toward college students where users can interact with other students from their school or even find old classmates that attend other universities around the country.

Social Networking Marketing From Gen Y's Perspective

As a college student, I began using MySpace and Facebook my Freshman year in college. I find it very helpful to interact with classmates, stay in constant contact with old friends, and find useful information with the advertisements that are displayed.

As a consumer, I have found businesses marketing to me:
-Some advertisements have linked me to helpful websites for school such as dictionary.com.
-I have come across ads that display new trendy clothing. For example, advertisements for Victoria’s Secret pop up, and their ads have led me to their website where I purchased clothing.
-I have also clicked on ads about new movies premiering and even the best deal for flights.

There are, however, some things that annoy me about these ads on networking sites. On MySpace, a large number of businesses and bands send out hundreds of friends requests each day and try to advertise their products/services. For example, I just received a friends request from a new restaurant in town and a band that is located across the country. This may be a good advertising concept, but better targeting could keep these businesses from annoying social network users.

Eggcerpts From Natalie: Creating Heaven For Your Customers

by Natalie Grbic We have all heard of the traditional marketing mix: product, price, place, promotion. All four of these elements communicate your firm’s capabilities and image to customers and influence customer satisfaction with the firm’s products and services. Now…

Eggcerpts From Natalie: HEY YOU! Getting the Attention of Your Audience and Keeping it

Exposure, attention, and perception. These are three basic processes of marketing, and are worth developing so you don’t alienate your target audience at this basic level. All three are necessary conditions for successful communication. Played right, they’re also your opportunity to stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Exposure is the process by which the consumer comes into (physical) contact with a stimulus. The factors influencing exposure include the position of an ad within a medium and distribution and shelf placement.

Susan: A good example of exposure would be a prominent end cap display in a store or a strategically placed product mention on a website. The products on Drugstore.com’s Buy One Get One ad will have higher exposure than the products lower on the page.

Taking that “standing out” to the extreme, we see annoying pop-up ads on websites. While it would seem exposure of these ads would be high, we’ve been conditioned to ignore them.