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Marketing with Style and A/B Split Testing

This is a guest post from Campaigner.


Just as a fashionista gets the latest trends off the runway, email marketers must evaluate a list of trends and content to deliver messages that achieve the highest possible click-through and conversion rates. Designers also conduct test shoots with models dressed in their designs before they hit the runway or the racks. An email marketer should consider the same approach. Campaigner’s A/B split testing tool allows for aspects of an email to undergo alterations subject line, offer details, imagery, call- to-action, etc. to be test shot on a small group before sending to a full target list. This allows for better clarity on what fits and what needs to go back to the drawing board.

Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all when crafting that perfect email. So, Campaigner’s A/B split testing capabilities also act as an etiquette advisor, ensuring marketers aren’t committing fashion faux-pas by employing these key features:

  • Fail-Safe Sending Fashion mavens never wear the same outfit twice, and the fail-safe sending feature prevents the same from occurring in campaigns. Unlike any other option available, Campaigner’s solution blocks multiple emails from being sent to one contact over the course of the test.
  • Real-Time Reporting and Confidence Tracking When you look good, you feel good, and the reporting and confidence tracking features ensure email marketers have all the necessary data in real-time and are able to analyze it to feel fully confident in the campaigns they send to their audience.
  • Quick Testing Fixing messy hems or a zipper before a runway show is a cinch…so long as you catch it. Similarly, the quick testing feature allows email marketers to review all variations of emails before officially launching the test.
  • Automation and Re-Use Mainstream designers have ready-to-wear collections that are sold in stores and produced in bulk, requiring machinery and automation. To send each winning variation as a final campaign individually would be time-intensive; Campaigner has automated the process and allows marketers to set all necessary parameters to automatically send winning campaigns to full target lists which can also be saved for reuse as a template for future testing.

In order to ensure marketers use A/B split testing in the most effective ways possible, Campaigner has provided their 2014 Email Marketing Style Guide including tips to always stay en vogue:

1. Find the Little Black Dress: Establish a Benchmark Campaign.

According to the fashion elite, every woman needs a classic little black dress and every email campaign needs a benchmark. Testing is a waste of time without anything to compare future results against. Establish a benchmark with the best-performing campaign as the control message. Measure the success of this control message over a pre-determined period of time, and use that same time frame for any subsequent incremental changes.

2. Fabulous at Every Age: Split Lists.

Fashion designers need to understand their audiences to create ideal styles, and so do email marketers. Split existing lists into random sets in order to secure the best exposure of testing campaigns to all audiences, rather than a specific type of subscriber, reader or buyer. Once split, test lists should remain labeled as such. Campaigner Experiments allows customers to create as many tests and lists as desired.

3. A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: Set Goals.

An haute couturier’s designs wouldn’t appeal to someone whose style is more athletic, and wouldn’t set goals to break into that market. Think similarly and set realistic goals. Click-through rates will never increase by 90 percent, but an increase of five percent over a defined period is practical.

4. Be Avant Garde in Your Choices: Avoid Making Assumptions.

Some of the most successful fashion designers fly in the face of convention, and this theory works equally well in email marketing campaigns. Many marketers conducting A/B testing find surprises that go against the best practices of email marketing ( short and sweet’ might equate to short and delete’.) By implementing these rule-breaking changes, savvy email marketers are miles

ahead of the competition.

5. Don’t Be a Fashion Victim: Find a Manageable Platform.

One day you’re in, the next day you’re out. As with anything, a product will only work if it is usable. Don’t waste money on that expensive jacket that was stylish for a split-second, and now sits in your closet unused. Likewise, don’t waste money on complex solutions that are intimidating to use: Find the right product that will yield the right results with limited cost and time from the company.

Seamas Egan is Manager, Revenue Operations, for Campaigner. He  is an experienced technology leader in the SAAS space. Known for his strategic vision and operational excellence; he has a proven track record of delivering results. Having worked in Sales, Marketing, Operations and Corporate Development, Seamas has a wealth of knowledge in running and growing business through fundamental business principles and out of the box thinking.   His experience in strategic development across multiple channels has resulted in working with small business owners to global enterprises.   Seamas is a thought leader in eCommerce and is particularly versed in Digital Media and Email Marketing.

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