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How To Do Your Own Online Marketing

Whether you own a ‘Brick & Mortar’ or you’re an online nomad, there are so many advantages to online marketing. Kicking out old sales tactics and going to where all the attention is now – The Internet.

We are a couple of months into the new year so my team has been able to forecast how the year’s online marketing will behave – which means we have also put together a simple strategy for you DIYers out there! I strongly believe ANY small business employing these techniques can be successful.

This guide is for those which are slightly familiar with SEO concepts, have some time on their hands, and would like to allocate money into something other than online marketing agencies.

This does take time, and usually requires a level of adapting to your current situation within the market! That old saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” holds true as always.

How To Do Your Own Online Marketing in 2017

Unfortunately, I can’t wholeheartedly make this a tutorial/walkthrough because everyone who will be reading this will have a different situation as far as how their site is built – what I can do is tell you the common Online Marketing terms and direct you to some helpful resources for internet marketing. If you have any additional questions please leave a comment and I will do my best to answer!

Start with on-page Search Engine Optimization

The bare minimum that a business should do is what the SEO industry calls ‘on-page SEO’.  It’s a combination of content and HTML source code optimization.

The simplest elements to update include:

  • Title tags (relevant to keywords/phrases and no duplicate uses).
  • Including alt tag descriptions on every image (relate these to keywords and relevant points of your website).
  • Writing unique meta descriptions (duplicate meta descriptions and irrelevant descriptions are the quickest way to not make customers interested in your pages).
  • Re-write internal anchor text (text that links to pages should be relevant to the page it is linking to), but what I can offer is an additional source/ guide for on-page-SEO can be found within this guide.

If there is on-page SEO, you better believe there is ‘off-page SEO’, which are all factors that search engines take into account that do not include what is visible to a site visitor. This includes links from other sites, social shares and relevance, content linked to your site, directory submissions, and local listings. The next topics are 2 tactics for off-page SEO I have personally seen be great success factors for our customers and expect to continue seeing great results through the next 12 months!

Build your site content and build a distribution network

The best content is that which supplies a consumer demand and is likely to be linked to from external sources.

Creating content to your strengths and where it is easy to enter the market is the tactic you should adopt. If you are good at writing, creating videos, podcasting, as long as you can create some form of content for an audience to consume.

Increasing the likelihood your content gets linked to is more difficult. What I do is include engaging headings which are more likely to be read – check out this headline grader. Making a great headline increases the likelihood that people read your post, but how about the shareability of the post? Jonah Paretti, a co-founder of BuzzFeed, says that the best way to create shareable content is “if you know someone that would share it to one of their friends, it’s probably a good post.”

Many people put stress on leveraging social networks, and although it is a great source for the audience, I have a little secret for you: If you are doing your own online marketing and you aren’t great at social media marketing, there are other ways! Creating distribution channels is entirely dependent on how active you are at grabbing the opportunity.

What I mean by that is: going to blogging sites, an alternative posting channels opens the opportunity for your articles and content to be consumed by the audience you are targeting.

Conquer the art of press releases

I have become a large proponent for press releases lately.  It involves getting into contact with news stations or interviewers with the intent of getting content published by them. It’s a great way to build really powerful citations to your website; usually this is all it takes to boost a small businesses web page.

A great site which people should take more advantage of is – it does exactly what the name suggests. There are journalists everywhere that want to do interviews and stories with businesses, and if you fit their criteria they will reach out to you – so there is no excuse for not having time to set up a meeting with a local news station!

Google AdWords / Facebook Ads

Finally, comes Paid advertising.

It’s the last topic I am covering because you can get better results from your ads by having better on-page SEO!

More importantly …

To me, Google/Bing/Facebook Ads are arguably the easiest way to set up and maintain a Repeatable Customer Acquisition Strategy – especially if your campaign has low Cost-Per-Click (cpc) on particular keywords.

All you need to do for Google AdWords setup is follow this video.

A quick Facebook Ad setup is shown in this video.

These guys did a pretty good job showing a quick build for a campaign.

I firmly believe Facebook Ads are grossly under-priced for the amount of reach, engagement, targeting options, and actions achieved from the Ads. In my personal experience and testing, Facebook Ads are almost obvious depending on the context of the audience you are trying to reach.

Setting up individual Ads with a goal and audience in mind is the best bet!

I cannot believe how often small businesses or franchise owners do not take advantage of their unique deals they offer and do not target their audience with the deals! To me it is unreal – If you offer student discounts, you should make an ad campaign for college students in your area! It’s the easiest way to build your customer base, especially if giving student discounts is unique in the area you service.

Not only that, but you can use Ads to cover gaps in your organic marketing campaign! Use SEMrush to check up on your traffic and other useful information about how you are ranking organically and inorganically.

This tactic has great longevity for online marketing, and is surely going to be a part of any internet marketing course. Leave a comment with any questions you have!

Author Bio:

Attilio Di Nunno is a passionate serial online entrepreneur who has great interest in creating businesses which use online marketing and sales tactics. By studying app, web marketing, and sales patterns as well as bundling proprietary sales knowledge, he has dreams to build up several businesses, his personal brand, and eventually open a lab. His current effort is geared towards his company Hone Inc, which can be found at Attilio’s Instagram account is: attilio_di_nunno questions may be directed through these.

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