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How to Create a Culture That Will Allow Digital Marketing to Flourish

Almost every business concern wants to join the digital marketing bandwagon. It’s an investment that brings quick, measurable results so it’s not something that’s a passing fancy. With its special features, it is faster to get feedback on consumer behaviors and preferences. It can provide consumer metrics such as statistics on sales conversions, type of content that works or doesn’t, or  how long and how often consumers stay on a web page or use a website.

By definition, digital marketing is a brand or product promotion using different types of electronic media, and methods and channels that allow organizations to do real time analysis of marketing campaigns and quickly know what campaigns work. In the early days, digital marketers rely on computers connected to the Internet. Now there are more avenues to explore and utilize, including digital radio channels and television, electronic billboards, podcasts, mobile apps, mobile SMS and wireless text messaging.

How to Create a Culture That Will Allow Digital Marketing to Flourish

Why it digital marketing important?

Digital marketing is very accessible, which is one of its most salient features. Consumers are able to access information wherever they are and whatever time of day. Consumers today are able to shop, interact socially and access news, information and entertainment through digital media. That is why it is easier for consumers to know about your company and your brand as well as what other people say about your company and products, especially if you have a website in different languages using a reputable company for translations services. Those who are not engaged in digital marketing will miss out on reaching a far wider audience than you can imagine and the potential to convert this audience into potential buyers.

Building a digital marketing culture

Even if you’re in a progressive company, sometimes it is difficult to fully convince every decision maker that digital marketing is the way to go. While the Internet is very broad, the competition for digital marketing supremacy is fierce. Customers are fickle and brands must regularly engage with customers. To have everyone on board, you have to take several bold steps to build a digital marketing culture. Careful planning is also essential. Many digital marketers focus on their brands, whereas it is more ideal for digital marketing to be consumer-centric, in ways that will allow them to guide them. Today marketers should not just be delivering messages and setting expectations of target consumers, they must also fully deliver great consumer experience in all digital outlets.

So here are some of the steps to ensure that you build a culture within the company that will allow digital marketing to fully blossom and flourish.

1. Start small.

What this means is to learn what exactly the brand is and what benefits it provides to consumers. This means narrowing the focus to the core market, initially. You have to learn what challenges the brand faced before and is still facing today. Find other brands with similar challenges and understand what they are doing, so you can learn what strategies are effective and those that are not.

2. Learn that marketing continues to evolve.

You might have heard that saying that “content is king.” This is a very effective tenet to keep in mind, because providing great content attracts audiences. Content should not always be about the brand per se but how the brand affects consumers. Instead of providing only information about the brand that you keep on rehashing to appear new and fresh, think about providing audiences with customer achievements and success stories when using the brand, which are more relatable than just information about your solutions and your products.

3. Strive for internal partnerships.

This means that digital marketing should not only be the concern of the sales and marketing department. It should be a company-wide effort. The point of view and vision of the organization should be disseminated to all. You can make compelling stories and better information not only from gathering content from the PR department, but also from the company’s internal subject matter experts. These are the people that create or produce the product, and they know and understand the product better than the marketing team.

4. Prepare for your marketing strategy.

Basically, the goals of digital marketing include attracting an audience, providing the audience with relevant content that focuses on your brand’s specific industry and increasing site traffic in order for the content to be known, and eventually convince and/or convert readers to consumers. Using materials that you have developed from your internal partnerships, include the use of various options to make the content available and accessible to as many consumers as possible in your strategy.

5. Employ various metrics.

Digital marketing allows you to use different metrics to measure audience response and behavior, so choose the right metrics to give you information you need. One of the things you should aim for is to engage reader’s attention and get the consumer hooked long enough to get informed and learn more about you product. You should follow that up with an analysis of micro movements, from your especially designed dashboard, so you can measure how long the consumer stays on a page, the amount of scrolling the consumer takes or how many tabs they open.

6. Do not forget email.

Email marketing is still very much in use. Instead of requesting (or buying) email lists, marketers now ask consumers if they are want to be included in the brand’s email list, with the choice to opt out and be removed from the list any time. But email, while still obtrusive, still has a place in digital marketing, provided you choose this method wisely. In order for a brand to stand out it must project an aura of being an expert. To do this, provide your consumers with great content that are actually needed by them.

7. Remember, quality is irreplaceable.

Instill in your team that aside from providing quality product, it is important that your consumers get information of the highest quality. You should also hire marketing staff who are trained in creating compelling stories. This is a critical aspect that will get senior executives to support your digital marketing culture. Touching the hearts of your consumers creates empathy and a sense of closeness between the brand and the consumer.

A digital marketing culture within a company will only thrive if it gets the full support of management; by looking for the best talents that can harness and utilize available information to provide compelling content; using all the digital marketing tools necessary to make marketing plans and strategies work; and instilling in everyone that digital marketing is an evolving process and not a one-shot deal.

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Bernadine Racoma is a senior content writer at Day Translations, a human translation services company. After her long stint as an international civil servant, she has aggressively pursued her interest in writing and research. Like her poetry, she writes everything from the heart, and she treats each written piece, a work of art. She loves dogs!


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