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Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy [Infographic]

This “Freelancer’s Guide to the Galaxy” by FreshBooks covers a lot of ups and downs of the freelancing journey. Throughout the course of your freelancing career, you’ll come to many forks in the road. Use this guide to help shed some light on some tough decisions along the way.

Freelancer’s Guide to Branding Essentials

One of the most important things you will need to do as freelancer is create a brand for yourself! Whether you use your name “Susan Payton” or something grander like “The Marketing Eggspert.” Whatever you choose it’s important to create a business identity that is straightforward and clear for all of your clients to easily recognize.

So you have your new name! Now you need a logo, business cards, and a website. You have to remember that you’re a business and all platforms that your brand is exposed on need to be polished and professional. The impact of looking professional on everything that has your brand on it can make a crucial difference when a potential client finds your website, you give them a business card or they recognize your logo. Remember that a potential client hasn’t had the opportunity to know you by your quality of work; they only know you by what you display. 

FreshBooks Freelancers Guide To The Galaxy


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