A really popular marketing tool right now is the free ebook. As you know, an ebook is a digital document, similar to a book (although possibly shorter) that you read on your computer. Rather than going through traditional channels for publishing a book, you can write a book and get it out immediately.


Offering a free ebook does several things:
1. Shows off your expertise
2. Generates interest in what you do
3. Converts readers into future customers

Next Friday I’ll be interviewing Jan Stewart, The Publicity Hound, who has perfected the art of the free ebook. She also makes her living selling ebooks, so look for some great tips from her.

Here are some of my other favorite free ebooks :

-Chris Brogan recently gave away an ebook on social media and social networks. In the ebook, he provided just enough information to educate readers, without giving away all his secrets. He told me his purpose in giving away his ebook was to brand himself, and to build his newsletter list. (ALWAYS ask for an email address when giving anything away).

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the great advice I got from StomperNet. It was great advice, but it left me wanting more. And as you can see from their website, they also promote their events with free videos. It’s smart and easy to do.

Do you have a free ebook? If so, please share it with us.