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Five Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Business Blog

Congratulations! You are currently living in a phenomenal place in the history of mankind. The invention of the Internet has opened up our ability to succeed in business to unbelievable levels. You can reach so many people in so many walks of life regardless of what line of business you are in.

It does, however, take a little work on your part. It requires focus, intention, energy, and passion to build a strong clientele, and a business blog is a fantastic way to pull in customers if you do it correctly.

Following are five tips on how to boost traffic to your business blog:

1. Be Consistent  

As with most old adages, the saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the oil,” does contain a grain or two of truth. That doesn’t mean you should constantly bug your clients with spam and useless information, but you should take the time to blog each and every week. When you post valid content each week, your customers start making it a habit to visit your site and consequently start building a relationship with you and your business. The next time anything comes to mind regarding your line of business, you will be the “squeaky wheel” that they think of first.

2. Leverage Social Media  

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among others, have all become valuable resources for all sizes of businesses. When you open yourself up to the social media world, you increase your presence and visible credibility through your fans. At the same time, you can increase your site’s optimization through sharing useful information, images and segments of blog posts and linking back to your site. When people comment or like something on your public profile page, each of their friends is notified of their activity and consequently you open your business up not only to the people who like you but also to all of the people who like them. Always encourage your friends and fans to share the content you post on social media sites. You can also place a link to your social media sites on your website, encouraging traffic to your business blog that comes to your webpage to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This will help to grow your audience in a very short amount of time.

3. Make a Free Offer

People love to get free stuff. When you offer something to your customers at no charge, you are showing them that you are generous and willing to stand behind your product or service. It can be something as simple as a free CD informing the customer of your product. Items such as note pads, pens or mouse pads with your logo and info on it double as a gift and as a form of advertisement. Make sure the gift is of good quality; you do not want to be remembered as the business that gave away non-working pens. Another approach could be offering a free webinar download when new customers sign up for your mailing list. Webinars are free for you to create and help to establish you as an expert on a particular topic while at the same time personalizing your business by putting a face, name, and voice to your product or service.

4. Get Personal  

People are more likely to consistently read your business blog if they feel you really care, and the best way to show this is to make your blog sound personable. This can be as easy as including a question at the end of your post, which opens up the opportunity for a conversation. At the same time, allow for comments on your blog and respond to each one or as many as you can – personally. This will help engender a sense of personal connection with your business.

5. Cross-Promote

 Joining forces with a company or person that has a similar product can really boost your online presence. By working with each other and promoting yourself and your partner business through social media, you can both quickly take advantage of each other’s fan base. You can also set up a cross-promotion relationship with a sponsor by advertising for them on your site.

Proper marketing is the key to any business’s financial success and integrating these five steps into your business blogging will help provide a solid a boost to traffic to your business blog.

Allison Rice is the Marketing Director for  Amsterdam Printing, a leading provider of customized pens to order and other promotional products to grow your business and thank customers. Allison regularly contributes to the Promo & Marketing Wall blog, where she provides actionable business tips.

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