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Excellent Content Marketing Examples That Have Worked for the Manufacturing Industry

Creating a successful content marketing campaign is not easy. But I’m not going to talk about how to do it. There are countless guides, tips, and tricks online that will tell you exactly how to create content that will reach your marketing goals. What I do want to turn your attention to is content marketing in manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry is a financial giant that has a lot of untapped potential for marketing. Even though the global financial situation leaves the sector looking weak, the outlooks show growth in this sector. Just until the end of this year the manufacturing industry is expected to grow by 2.8%. That adds up to a considerable amount of money.

With the growth of content marketing, it’s important that companies in this industry have the right tools to use it in their favor. One of the problems manufacturers might have is breaking out of the B2C marketing mindset as B2B marketing is often much more powerful in manufacturing.

Excellent Content Marketing Examples That Have Worked for the Manufacturing Industry

Maybe the problem lies in the fact that the average B2B marketer is around 10% more likely to know what a successful content marketing campaign looks like than an average manufacturing marketer. Let’s talk about some things that could help them.

Independently from marketing trends, each industry and even each brand have a set of tools that work particularly well for them. Before we look at companies that have excelled in content marketing, let’s just run over the content marketing tactics that work best in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing industry uses a lot of B2B marketing and evidently, the most effective marketing tactic is in-person events like fairs and conferences. Overall there is a trend of highly informative and engaging types of media being the most effective ones. Below you can see the list of the top ten most effective content marketing examples in the manufacturing industry.

  1. In-person events
  2. Videos
  3. Case studies
  4. Illustrations/ photos
  5. Webinars/ webcasts
  6. eNewsletters
  7. Articles on the website
  8. Whitepapers
  9. Infographics
  10. Online presentations

While all of the above tactics are still highly effective, at the bottom of the effectiveness list manufacturing marketers listed print media, games and podcasts.

Tailoring your content in the previously listed ways can work miracles. Here are some content marketing examples from large manufacturing companies who are doing exactly that.

Anglo American does it all

It’s not an easy job creating engaging content in the mining industry. Let’s be honest, at first sight, it feels like a terribly blunt subject. Anglo American knows it’s game and uses compelling tactics like webcasts, videos, images, presentations, and even press releases to engage their audience.

Their key factor in content marketing is high-quality content. Whether it is a webcast or image, Anglo American provides media that is impressive, both visually and in the level of information quality it provides.

Rolex knows how to tell a story

Rolex is a classic and sophisticated brand manufacturing high-class wristwatches with a global name. Rolex has developed a clear brand image and they are using it to create their content strategy.

Rolex is a master in storytelling. This brand has created a clear image in anyone’s mind that wearing Rolex means luxurious lifestyle, success and beauty. The best way to convey this message is by visual content and that is exactly what Rolex does.

Their content strategy has earned Rolex Instagram following of 2.5m, 21.7k followers on Pinterest and 49.3k subscribers on YouTube.This ties back to the most effective content tactics perfectly with Rolex using images and video as their most powerful tools.

AstraZeneca engaging on a very human level

It is a common opinion among marketers that pharmacy industry is full of restrictions and no place for creativity. AstraZeneca is the opposite of that. They create highly credible content ranging from videos to case studies.

Their website provides both beautiful images and content that is informative and engaging. Besides, the point of view is very important in this industry. AstraZeneca keeps it positive and gives hope throughout every type of content they are creating. This starts with hopeful and inspiring headlines and is complemented by bright colour schemes in images.

Final thoughts

The cornerstones of content marketing are creativity in combination with credibility. The manufacturing industry is no exception. These content marketing examples perfectly illustrate that information is valuable but the quality is crucial. Maybe even more than in other industries, in manufacturing the quality is the core of any content strategy. The B2B target audience is looking for information and often even cold facts rather than entertainment.

Finding the creative angle on hard facts and complicated technology is one of the biggest challenges content marketing in manufacturing has to overcome constantly. The use of the appropriate type of media can make it both more creative and more effective.

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