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Do You Suffer from Information Overload Syndrome?

Congrats to Deb for having the most creative IOS story! She won a $50 Spa Finder Gift Certificate!

I get a lot of pitches, and I actually blog about 1% of them. But when I was approached about Xerox’s IOS site, I thought it was clever enough to share. And there’s a prize involved, so keep reading!

So apparently Xerox has discovered this rare disease called Information Overload Syndrome. Here’s what they have to say about it.

Information Overload Syndrome is a condition affecting business people everywhere. It is the result of trying to manage 281 Exabytes (eighteen zeros) of non-stop information that comes in form of emails, attachments, text messages, thought-starters and FYIs. As a result, sufferers of IOS will find accomplishing the simplest of everyday tasks nearly impossible.


Why I Like It

The fact that this spoof site is sponsored by Xerox is subtle. You are aware that they’re the owner of the site, yet you don’t feel like it’s a ploy to get you to buy.

I love viral videos. Just something to make me smile. And pass on to my friends.

And they get your email in a clever manner. Send it to them and they customize the video for you.

Why You Should Like It

Xerox wants to help you, oh suffer of IOS, by giving you a $50 SpaFinder gift card to relieve your symptoms. Want it, don’t you? So give me your best tale of Information Overload Syndrome. I’ll choose the best story on June 19 and announce the winner.

Susan Guillory

Susan Guillory is the President of Egg Marketing & Communications, a content marketing firm based in San Diego. She’s written several business books, and frequently blogs about small business and marketing on sites including Forbes, AllBusiness, and Cision. Follow her on Twitter @eggmarketing.

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  1. Oh no!

    I got called into the CEO’s office and the only excuse I had was IOS!

    “IOS?” the CEO asked.

    “Yes I said… and let me tell you why:”

    I came into the office today, like any other day. Sat down in my 6×6 “workspace” that you refuse to call a cube (last I checked that’s definitely a cube!). As if the fluorescent lighting wasn’t enough, you’ve equipped said “work space” with not one, but two 22″ monitors: I guess in hopes that it will make me twice as productive and will allow me to absorb twice as much useless information but really is just a driving force behind my IOS!

    I log in using my “top secret password” (that every other employee uses as well) to my email. Of course, over night I’ve received 50 new messages. Ten from you… pretty much back to back — what, you couldn’t put all that information into one email?

    Then I get on Twitter. Tweet Tweet.

    Not just one account…but five. One for each of our brands. Between the @’s the DM’s and # I’ve already lost my mind and its only 8:18.

    Coffee break!

    The breakroom even has monitors flashing in my face with the latest company news and updates. So much for the “break”. (The coffee sucks by the way!)

    Back to the cube–excuse me, workspace.


    Nope not the phone. Instant message.

    Someone asking for a report. One that I probably forgot to do because I’m slowly losing my mind from IOS.

    “ll get right on that.”


    Incoming call.

    “Good morning, this is L…”

    :POP UP: Webinar reminder: 8:30 am.


    Report. Pronto!


    POP UP:





    Now I’m writing this message from my bed.

    Was asked to take ½ day off to “clear my mind” (yea, from all the information that’s bombarded at me everywhere I turn!).

    Just me and my cell ph….RRRING!

  2. IOS interfers with relationships, too.

    I saw an old friend at the store. I tried to duck down the bandaid aisle because I told her I would send her information but I haven’t done it yet. Unfortunately, she calls to me!

    Me: Oh, Kath, I totally owe you that info about pregnant women and litterboxes.

    Kathy: What?

    Me: You know, I emailed you and said I would send you the stuff about that whatcha-thingy disease now that you’re pregnant.

    Kathy: Um, I’m not pregnant.

    Me: Yes you are. You facebooked it?

    Kathy: NO!

    Me: And then I tweeted it to get someone to send me that feline information.

    Kathy: You tweeted what?

    Me: Something about you being pregnant and a request to send me links to put together info for you on that cat thing. Didn’t you see the @’s?

    Kathy: Which account did you use?

    Me: I don’t know. Oh my god, I just remembered, Mickey’s CAT is pregnant. That’s who is pregnant!

    Kathy: Okay, so now I know why Cetoria has been asking me if I’ve been needing naps. Hey, that reminds me, you did promise me the template from that document you used to write Cetoria’s business plan.

    Me: Right! I can’t find the file, it might have been on the old PC that the teenagers ruined trying to download some “chat with Russian women” interface.

    Kath: I heard your son got some Russian woman pregnant. I think it was on Facebook. Pretty sure that’s where I read it.

    Me: Crap, then I can’t ask him to empty out the cat box for a long tim.

  3. Thanks for sharing this video. I am very familiar with information overload, trying to work my day job and market my online business. I get a ton of other marketers marketing their products to me and it seems like if I sign up for one offer, here come a thousand others! So much for “We hate spam”


  4. hi…
    many people said that basically each of us is a marketer …. we got money from ‘selling-buying’ activities..

    nice post.. thank you..

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