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Email Marketing: 5 Creative Email Ideas that Will Keep Your Message Out of the Trash

Creative email marketing can be one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your customers and prospects, but it must be done in the proper way. So many businesses now use email marketing that it has become very competitive, and customers’ inboxes are becoming filled with messages that come from a variety of different companies. Because of this fact, you must be creative in your approach to ensure that your emails get opened and read. If you think that you can get by with just sending normal emails to your customers, you will be disappointed to find all of your hard work and effort is going to spam and trash folders. Thus, here are 5 tips that will not only keep your emails in the inbox, but that will also ensure that they are fully read by your customers.

Email Marketing: 5 Creative Email Ideas that Will Keep Your Message Out of the Trash

  1.  Share Something Useful

If your emails are nothing but pitches with links to sales pages, people will quickly tire of reading them. Yes, people like to receive notification of deals and sales that are taking place, but they more than likely will care very little about these things if they don’t want to buy your product. This makes it so that when they actually need something that you can offer, they will be much less likely to look at your emails once again and try to find a deal. If you want to make sure that your creative emails never become repetitive, you need to offer content that can be useful for everyone, even for those that have no interest in buying your product at the time.

For example, if you have a landscaping business, you don’t want to be sending emails every week that highlight the special deals and services that you can offer. Instead, send an email once a week that gives people some advice on how they can care for different aspects of their property. Try to correspond these pieces of advice with the season of the year, and make sure that it is quality of information that they probably do not know. You can then include a special deal or an advertisement for your services at the bottom of the email or on the side, but the actual information should be the main content of every piece of mail. This will ensure that your emails are read, and that your information is easily accessible when people actually need your services.

5 Email Marketing Must-Dos

Whether your business is stuck in a rut or you are looking to build on the momentum you already have, you might be thinking about more ways to start boosting your business. Maybe you have considered hiring new employees, investing in a fancy new storefront, or running a new promotion to lure in new customers. While none of these ideas are bad, they are all costly to any business, especially a small one. But there are ways for your business to give itself a boost without making huge expenditures. One tool that every business should be utilizing in today's age of digital communications is email marketing. But while plenty of businesses are emailing their customers, not every one of those businesses is taking full advantage of the opportunity this direct form of customer communication offers. Below are five must dos for every business that wants to use email marketing.

How to Make Your Email Signature More Effective

This is from my post on GrowthUniversity. Think you’ve got your marketing channels covered? You might be missing a fairly obvious one: your email signature. While you might have the basics covered in your signature (phone number and website), it’s…

Learn More About Visitors to Your Website

Why test your web design and web elements? To optimize your website’s conversion rate, whether it’s increasing engagement, sign-ups or sales. But testing has a more important benefit: gaining valuable insights about visitors to your website and their behavior that can be leveraged to sell more. Testing to improve usability is a process that requires thoughtful planning, ultimately impressing visitors and encouraging them to do business on your website.

Learn More About Visitors to Your Website

The key to successful testing is having specific conversion goals. If you are generating interest about a service, then you should test for lead optimization. If you are working on an e-commerce site, then your testing efforts should be to improve revenue through the conversion funnel. Note that this goal will not pertain to all pages; your landing page should still have a click-through or engagement goal. You’ll also need to determine if A/B testing or multivariate testing fits your needs. For simplicity, I will assume you will choose A/B testing.

The Tuesday to Thursday Rule

If you’ve ever wondered if there was a  best time to send a press release, you’d be right. Although experts argue about when exactly that is, here’s what I’ve discovered in my own experience.

The Tuesday to Thursday Rule

I’ve been using what I call the Tuesday to Thursday rule for years when it comes to distributing and pitching press releases and sending emails. Essentially, people are bombarded with emails on Monday (why do we get so many work-related emails on the weekend??) and on Friday their minds are elsewhere, if not their bodies. So studies have proven that the best time to interact is Tuesdays through Thursdays.

Email Newsletters 101

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Eleven Email Marketing Tips

Regular readers of my blog know I love email marketing as a way to establish yourself as an expert and stay on top of the minds of your future customers. I wanted to give you some quick email marketing tips…

Living in a New School Marketing World

Over the years, marketing has transformed immensely. Old school marketing has been outdated with today’s “new” emerging marketing strategies. Press releases, search engine optimizers (SEO), and pay per click ads are taking over the marketing world. Old school marketing, such as direct mail and print ads, was generally used in previous years; however is still used by a small population of marketers today.

Living in a New School Marketing World

Most marketers used a direct mail campaign to target a certain market. They would research a specific mailing list in order to convince consumers to buy their product/service. Direct mail is a difficult way of advertising because most consumers consider direct mail junk mail and immediately toss it in the garbage. On the other hand, a print ad speaks to your audience strictly through visual means. Most marketers used print ads in magazines and newspapers to try and motivate the consumer to purchase their product/service.

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