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Holiday Marketing

Marketing Eggspert Round-Up: Holiday Marketing

The summer holidays are coming and time to think about your holiday marketing strategy. These holiday marketing posts include holiday returns, email marketing, planning, holiday marketing tips and strategies, brand awareness, increasing sales and much more.

Egg Marketing’s 2017 New Year’s Resolutions

I've been creating New Year's Resolutions for my marketing company nearly as long as we've been in business (which is 10 years). Each year, I've lasered in on exactly what I want to focus on in the coming year. The list has gotten shorter as my business has become more established.

Happy Holidays from All of Us at Egg!

While we hope you're not reading your work email on Christmas, we did want to send special holiday greetings to our blog readers, clients, and fans. You're our real Christmas gift!

Is Your Business Ready for the Holiday Returns Shopping Season?

Only retail is booming.  E-commerce is growing at a tremendous pace even outpacing traditional retail sales.  By the end of the year it is expected that e-commerce is going to be a $1.5 trillion dollar industry.  Most online retailers are enjoying the growth in sales that they are experiencing, but not every online retailer is prepared to deal with returns as well as they should be.  Shorr Packaging has put together an informative guide and graphic that covers E-Comemrce returns best practices.

The guide and graphic covers in detail the importance of making online returns as easy as possible, what customers want when processing online returns, how to reduce return rates along with general best practices for returns for e-commerce retailers.

An interesting statistic that’s covered in the graphic is that the returns process is the number one reason in-store-only shoppers refuse to buy online.  This is a big opportunity for improvement for online retailers. To learn more about improving the e-commerce returns process check out the infographic below.

Key Trends Affecting Retailers This Holiday Season

Whether online or in-store, retailers count on the holiday season to drive towards their annual goals. This year, many retailers are facing a variety of challenges and changes that will affect their ability to capture market share and wallets across the country. Let’s look at some of these key trends that will impact retailers this holiday season.


Labor Shortage

If you follow economic data, and I do, you know the country’s official unemployment rate is at or near full employment. That means retailers are going to have a harder time finding their temporary holiday employees to staff their registers, stockrooms and fulfillment centers. Macy’s announced its hiring 85,000 temporary holiday employees, Wal-Mart, 60,000. And they’ve started hiring early because they know they’re fighting an uphill battle for help.

Happy 9th Birthday to Egg!

We're quickly creeping to the 10-year mark at Egg Marketing & Communications, and today we celebrated 9 years in business. Every year, I'm so grateful for our amazing roster of clients — many of whom have been with us since Egg's early days — as well as my ever-growing team. Here I'd like to introduce you to the companies we help.

Roundup: How to Get More Out of Your Holiday Marketing

Marketing this month is different than it is any other time of the year. To that end, I wanted to share the posts we’ve written about holiday marketing to help you succeed in reaching more customers before the new year.

Roundup: How to Get More Out of Your Holiday Marketing

How To Use Holidays in Your Content Marketing Plan

 Not sure where to begin in fitting holiday-themed content into your marketing strategy? Begin here. This post will guide you to writing useful holiday content that people will click, read, and share.

10 Holiday Content Marketing Ideas You Can Use Today 

Now that you’ve integrated the holidays into your marketing, here are some content ideas to get those creative juices churning. Use them as a jumping off point, then add your own flavor to them.

5 Easy Digital Gifts to Give Your Client (If You’re a Procrastinator)

It’s taken me years to start planning my client gift giving early enough so that I’m not scrambling at the last minute. Still, not everyone can be as organized as me. 🙂 Fortunately, there are lots of digital options these days that will still put a smile on your clients’ face and get there by Christmas.

5 Easy Digital Gifts to Give Your Client (If You're a Procrastinator)

1. Yiftee

Rather than fight the crowds to buy a physical gift card, try Yiftee. This gifting app lets you digitally send e-gift cards for local businesses (shop local! yay!). You avoid shipping fees, which can really add up, and you know it’ll get before Christmas. Yiftee’s dashboard lets you manage your gifts, see who’s redeemed them, and manage budgets. You pay $1 per edelivery, plus 5% of the gift card value.

2. Monthly Subscriptions

These are all the rage these days. You can sign your clients up for monthly boxes of pampering, beer, and yes, even bacon. Choose something you know your client is into, then pick how many months you want to send them. Monthly subscriptions vary, but tend to be $20-50 a month.

Checklist For Joining Small Business Saturday At the Last Minute

The mad dash to the holiday season is on and if you’ve fallen behind on marketing your business for Small Business Saturday, use this checklist for quick ways to participate in Small Business Saturday at the last minute.

Do Right Now: Register Your Business

There are several resources designed to help you connect with shoppers on Small Business Saturday simply by registering online. This doesn’t take more than a few minutes so do it right now.

  1. Small Business Saturday website is filled with free, customizable templates for creating digital and physical assets. Register to be includes in interactive maps that will help guide customers to your store and give your customers who use their American Express cards a special offer.
  2. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce who may be offering some special local support like Detroit’s Small Business Saturday Passport program to help promote your business further.

Promote Brand Awareness with Online Marketing this Holiday Season

The Holiday season is approaching quickly which means you need to maximize your SEO and online marketing efforts. While more customers are looking to beat the hassle of lines and crowds to get big sales it’s your job to build brand awareness and optimize your online store for more visibility in organic search results.

First things first, step out of your business owner mentality and slip on your customer’s shoes, or slippers, for the Holidays. Grab a hot cocoa, turn on your computer and start shopping.

Give the Gift That Lasts: Your Company’s Brand

The holiday season is upon us, and everyone has parties, shopping and elegant dinners on the brain. If you’re a business owner, the end of the year is a great time to thank your loyal clients with whom you’ve done business throughout the past 52 weeks.

But how will you thank them? If you’ve been wrestling with the question of whether to throw a big party and invite everyone you know, we have another suggestion – skip the parties and try a promotional gift.

Why promotional gifts over parties?

Perhaps you had the notion of a cocktail party at a local restaurant or club, or maybe you dreamed up a catered dinner for your clients inside a room with a view. While these are worthwhile ideas, how are your clients going to remember your brand later, long after the party has died out and the last crumb of red velvet cake has been eaten?

Here’s the answer – they might not. Jog that memory by sending them home with a party favor that bears your company’s brand. And if your budget only allows one or the other, go with the gift that lasts longer than a dinner or cocktail hour.

There are gift ideas for everyone.

5 Reasons You Should Start Planning Your Holiday Marketing Now

The month of July is upon us.  The sun is shining, kids are getting out of school, and you probably think I’m crazy for talking about holiday marketing, but hear me out.  While everyone else is thinking about their Moms, Dads, and Grads marketing campaigns, you need to start planning your holiday marketing campaign. Here’s why.

5 Reasons You Should Start Planning Your Holiday Marketing Now

1.  It’s not as far away as you think.  From the consumer’s perspective, the holiday season kicks off on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving) and culminates on Christmas Eve.  From a marketer’s perspective, we need to have everything locked down and set in stone by Halloween (October 31) at the latest.  Knowing how crazy the holiday season is for getting placement and promotion,  it’s better to have everything squared away by October first.

2.  Competition is high.  On November 1, businesses start to feel the crisp fall chill in the air just before their brains melt with panic: We haven’t started our Christmas marketing yet!  Don’t be like them, because chances are, all the places you want to be seen have their ad and promo inventory already bought out, no doubt by people who have read this article.  Which leaves you with the gratin (in Cajun, gratin is the name for stuff stuck at the bottom of the pan when you cook), or even worse, nothing.  Avoid competition by calling around now, getting the locked-in prepaid rate.

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