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6 Ways Social Media Can Help Build Customer Loyalty

In the digital age the emergence of social media has opened up various opportunities and possibilities for businesses to expand their operations and to boost their growth. Many businesses have harnessed the power of websites and social media in order to promote products and services, gather new customers, and reach a wider scale in terms of audiences. However, it is also just as important to use these channels to strengthen one of the most important aspects for any business: fostering customer loyalty.

Social media, in particular, can be a powerful tool for this in 6 easy steps. Check out this infographic by Business Coaches Sydney to learn about how you can utilize social media to build and cultivate customer loyalty which can help your business generate higher conversions and turn them into sales.

3 Ways To Generate More Leads For Your Business

The point of lead generation is to bring people into the sales funnel. You should be wary of people offering to get you tons of leads in a short amount of time because there is no easy strategy that will get you the desired results overnight. Getting traffic to your site and generating leads is a slow process, and must be accomplished by making small incremental changes.

In this article we will take a look at a few ways to generate leads for your business.

3 Ways To Generate More Leads For Your Business

Four Ways to Thank Customers and Encourage Them to Do Future Business

Nurturing relationships with customers is a fundamental part of any business. Regardless of field or domain, retention is the secret ingredients to boosting leads and keeping your business on the floating line. Social media can be your best ally for nurturing prospects; but it can also be your worst enemy. Negative comments affect your bottom line, and if you don’t take action the moment something happens, you risk losing your customer base once and for all.

To encourage customers to continue to buy from you or use your services, here are 4 core ways to keep them satisfied.

Four Ways to Thank Customers and Encourage Them to Do Future Business

How to Use Affiliate Marketing For Your Ecommerce Sites

Affiliate marketing essentially involves you partnering up with one or more experts in your niche to make them promote your products and services on a commission per sale basis. Every affiliate is assigned an exclusive link, which is tracked through pixels and cookies to follow the trail of the sales or reference that comes from that link. This is perhaps one of the most successful ways to drive traffic to your website.

How to Use Affiliate Marketing For Your Ecommerce Sites

6 Proven Ways To Get Leads For Your Consulting Business

Cold calling or just blasting messages to a purchase list are inefficient methods of generating leads. If you want to increase the list of your potential clients, you need to think of lead generation as a funnel. You need to meet or visit potential clients to be able to gauge their lead worthiness.

If they appear to be bona fide leads, you need to see whether there is sufficient scope for business and whether you have the resources to fulfill their needs. Once both these questions are answered, you can then identify opportunities that can grow your clientele. But it all starts with meeting prospective customers and generating leads.

6 Proven Ways To Get Leads For Your Consulting Business

Want to Prospect More Effectively? Check this Infographic

Sales play a crucial role in bringing in cash flow into the business. A business cannot sustain its daily operation without it, and without it, a business would eventually fail.

Prospecting, which is the process of qualifying the leads who has demonstrated the desire to make a purchase decision, is one of the most important and initial steps. This step is pivotal in closing deals. As such, it must be executed on time and properly to ensure its success. According to statistics, the first viable vendor to reach a decision maker has a 74% chance to win the deal if they manage to set the buying vision.

Improve your prospective process so you can find leads that you can engage with and convert them into customers more efficiently with this infographic by Business Coaches Sydney.

10 Easy, Implementable Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics for your Ecommerce Site

Setting up your own online business is easy, profiting from it, not so much. Traffic means nothing if visitors do not sign up, subscribe, buy or complete the action you want them to. With limited conversion, all your investment in advertising will go down the drain.

The success of any eCommerce venture boils down to one metric, conversion rate. It is the measure of your business’s profitability. To convert visitors into customers, you need a Conversion Rate Optimization campaign, but every decision you make is crucial. Embark on an uneducated campaign based on gut feeling and guesswork, and you stand to lose sales and revenue.

Here are some optimization pointers guaranteed to increase the conversion rate of your eCommerce site.

1. Earn visitors’ trust

Your visitors want evidence of credibility. Adding the following to your site should do the trick –

  • Testimonials: Fun fact, your customers are better at selling your products and services than you are. Shoppers trust products that have been tested and green lighted by other shoppers.
  • SSL certificate: Put up an SSL seal at your website especially on the check-out page. An SSL certificate may be pricey, but it is worth the investment.
  • Mention the relevant press coverage, awards and certifications you have received.
  • Provide more than one payment option. You stand to lose customers who do not find their preferred mode of payment.

10 Easy, Implementable Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics for your Ecommerce Site
Image via: Acquisio

How to Manage Dissatisfied Customers

Customer complaints can be a valuable and inexpensive source of information. Not all dissatisfied customers express their dissatisfaction. The smallest business receives complaints at one stage or another and how to deal with them matters.

Turn the customer feedback and insights into a positive experience. Managing the rude, angry, upset or disappointed customers ensures to receive the particular complaint at one time or another. Do not make your customer feel unsatisfied so they never do business again.

The customer satisfaction is one of the important parts in developing the brand loyalty. The impact of the brand reputation lies on the responses that the customers make. Each potential customer has the power to be company’s best advertiser or the customer’s who went with frustrations.  Make your unhappy customers experience the most pleasant outcome possible.

Receive an immediate resolution to a problem professionally and quickly to satisfy an unhappy customer and have a sense of ownership between the customers.

How to Manage Dissatisfied Customers

Make Your Next Fundraising Event a Success

Combining old and new forms of advertising and marketing efforts to promote your local fundraising event will set it up for success.

With well-rounded, varied strategies, it shows you care about your community and the event you’re promoting. Make it a great gathering that everyone will want to come to by following a few simple tips.

Make Your Next Fundraising Event a Success

A Guide to Social Media Customer Care [Infographic]

Using social media to maintain a good relationship with your customers is not rocket science – but neglect to brush up on a few basic principles, and you can soon find yourself in a crash and burn situation. Social media is still a young form, and customers and businesses alike are learning etiquette and effectiveness as they go along. The two things – how to be polite, and how to get what you want – do not always seem to go hand in hand!

But for businesses, at least, treating customers with respect and humanity is a first principle. On social media, your interactions have a direct bearing not just with the customer with whom you are talking, but with all your existing and potential customers – and your reputation as a whole.

A Guide to Social Media Customer Care

Small Business Lead Tracking Software – What To Look For

The Internet is still growing. There’s a lot for all of us to know. The growing economy is converting itself into a digital one, and software plays a big role in making it all work. Small businesses getting their business out into the Internet use lead generation software to shortcut the work that gets new prospects into a sales funnel. It’s something every business needs.

Below are some things to look for next time you consider getting the right lead tracking software for your online platform.

Small Business Lead Tracking Software - What To Look For

10 Typical Mistakes Made by Novice Speakers on Presentations

Presentations help speakers to communicate their messages clearly to the audience. Sometimes people lose focus and concentration when a speaker talks endlessly from his notes. Some speakers can keep the audience engaged without a presentation but most people need presentations to keep the audience engaged. If you want to deliver your message effectively, avoid the following typical mistakes in your presentations.

10 Typical Mistakes Made by Novice Speakers on Presentations

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