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[FREE EBOOK] Why Your Software Company Should Be Blogging Right Now!

For software companies, content marketing tends to be very low on the list of priorities, behind the next software update, behind hiring another programmer, and behind sifting through those 204 emails in your inbox. I get it. But there’s no excuse for you not having a business blog set up.

We recently released our free ebook,  Why Your Software Company Should Be Blogging Right Now!  and invite you to download it today.

It’s our hope that this ebook shows you not only  why blogging is so instrumental in the success of your software company, but also  how you can get started.

Download the ebook here.

How to Find the Right Voice for Your Blog

If you want to make a blog into a success then it will need to meet at least some basic criteria. For one it will need to look good and work well on the majority of machines for instance. At the same time it will also be important that it provides useful information to ensure that it is worth the time spent reading it.

Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph, "His Master's Voice", The Original RCA Music Puppy Dog Logo Symbol for Advertising

One of the most basic requirements of all though is that your blog reads well. In other words, it must be enjoyable and easy to read, and it must have a distinct tone and voice’ that suits the subject matter. If you don’t accomplish at least this much, then people will think your blog is unprofessional and may not trust the information they get from it. Alternatively, they may simply not enjoy reading it and feel as though the information isn’t worth the effort taken to extract it. Read more

How and Why to Guest Post

At Egg, we’ve been writing and pitching more guest posts for our clients. We’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. Highly customized pitches work. Reading the blog where we want to place a post works. Finding a niche that doesn’t have enough content works. Spamming blogs with unrelated content does not.


I field guest post requests for The Marketing Eggspert blog too. It’s interesting that in the new age of  Google regulations on SEO and keywords, I’m still getting requests from people who want to link to completely unrelated sites, like payday loans or online college courses. I turn them down, of course. I do have my blog’s reputation to uphold! Read more

Why Don’t Software Companies Have Blogs?

I recently spent some time following software companies on Twitter (since we’re now focusing on serving the software industry, I thought it was a good idea!). I noticed something interesting. While most had sleek, appealing sites, only about one in 10 had a blog! What’s the reason?

My theory, based on what I’ve gleaned from existing software clients, is that software companies smaller ones, anyway tend to be run by a couple of programmers, and maybe an intern or two.  There’s simply no one to write the content for the blog. Or the founder tries to provide the content and either doesn’t have time, or focuses on technical topics that only his team cares about.

Am I striking a nerve here? Read more