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Can the FTC Monitor Blog Reviews?

  • July 27, 2009
I found an interesting article in my local paper recently. It said that the Federal Trade Commission is working on guidelines that bloggers and companies who compensate them for reviews will be under scrutiny for false claims or faiure to disclose conflicts of interest.

I’ve Been a Bad Blogger

  • July 13, 2009
I schedule my blog posts in my Outlook to remind me to write them. Thing is, lately I’ve been ignoring those reminders. Things are topsy turvy right now, with my son being home with me and me simultaneously working on…

How Bloggers Create PR

You know I’m all over bloggers, but I may not have explained why and what role they play in terms of public relations, so here goes.

You know how you can send a press release to editors in the hopes that they’ll cover your news in their magazine or newspaper? The same can be done with bloggers.

The great thing about bloggers is they’re looking for interesting content to blog about. And sometimes they’re lazy. I mean, come on. Finding content for 3-7 days of posts is hard! Especially when you’re writing on 3 other blogs and running a marketing business. But enough about me.

So by sending them info on your product or service, you stand a pretty good chance of them interviewing you or doing a review of the product, thereby helping you reach a wider audience through their readership.

Out With the Old, In With the New

I've been thinking a lot about what I got out of this year (a failed franchise, husband working 2000 miles away) and what I want out of next year (money, less stress, etc.). I always try to be thankful for what I do have (health, family, general happiness, a Wii and now an XBox) rather than focus on the negativity, although as we all know, that is often hard.

Putting the “Social” in Social Networking

If you’ve been reading my blog for very long, you know I’m a big fan of networking both online and in person. But while I’ve done it on a small scale locally in Orlando where I live, something magical happened…

Joining the Conversation

Throughout the BlogWorld Expo, we heard the phrase “join the conversation.” I want to share what I learned with all of you, because it’s important to understand this when you’re developing your marketing strategy.

Marketing is no longer about one source (a phone book ad, a commercial, etc) broadcasting to many. You know this as well as I do. You HATE when advertisers push their products at you. So why use that method?

Now it’s about an engaged, interactive conversation. Between you and me about the amazing restaurant at the Las Vegas airport. Between your customers about a particularly good (or bad) experience they’ve had with your product. So there’s conversation taking place regarding your business;why wouldn’t you want to join in?

Joining the Conversation

I’ve been really on the fence about Twitter as a tool, but after BlogWorld (you feel like you’re in every session even if you’re not if you’re following the people who are there) and after meeting).

Jessica Smith, fellow Sparkplugger and Twitterer extraordinaire, I now get it. It’s a network of conversations. And not all about what people are doing. There’s a lot of great stuff about blog posts worth reading, new businesses, news, you name it. And that’s just one channel.

I also learned a lot about Facebook from Shama Hyder. While I’ve had a profile that I have used to connect to old friends, I’m now looking at it in a new light. One problem I have is understanding who my audience is. With tools like Facebook and Twitter, I will be interacting with them so directly, I’ll know what they ate for breakfast.

Video Blogging to Promote Your Brand

Looking for something a little different (but not for long) to promote yourself, your brand or your blog? Consider video blogging. Basically you cover what you would in a typed blog, but you record yourself speaking about the topic.

Pre Vacation Post

I’m closing up my home office for a well-deserved break. Before I attend BlogHer next week, I’m touring Napa Valley and San Francisco with my mom. Place your bets on how much work I slip in between wineries! I’m not…

Eggcerpts From Natalie: Why You Need Publicity

by Natalie Grbic From a marketing standpoint, publicity is one component of promotion. Publicity is a very important factor when it is linked to public relations. It is a purposeful attempt that manages the public’s perception of a subject. A…
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