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Five Reasons Why Every Small Business Website Needs A Blog

To many business owners, regular blogging may seem more like a dalliance than a business activity. After all, aren’t blogs simply a place that writers gush about what is going on in their lives? The truth is quite different.

Good blogs on a small business website provide a crucial component that helps soft-sell your business. Today’s customers need to be sold, not only on your products and services but on your business as a whole.

Here are five reasons why every small business website needs a blog if they plan on growing their small business.

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Broaden the Audience of Your Blog Using These Tips

In today’s world, keeping a freshly-updated blog is a major component in any business’s content marketing strategy. It’s an easy way to gain search engine optimization perks, establish yourself as an industry leader, and increase brand awareness.

What isn’t so easy is getting your blog in front of a large number of eyes. After all, millions of blogs are published online every single day, making it quite difficult for most postings to stand out among the wave of new articles being produced.

The good news is that the success of your blog is not solely left up to fate or chance; there are steps you can take to broaden your audience and create a heftier impact with your content marketing strategy. To help you out, here’s some advice on how to build your readership and gain the results you want.

Broaden the Audience of Your Blog Using These Tips

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My Super Efficient Way to Track Guest Blogging Opportunities

I manage guest blogging opportunities for several clients, and it can be a challenge to keep up with which topic I’ve pitched for them, and where. Because most blog sites don’t respond right away — or even publish within weeks of my submitting an article — it can easily become a logistical nightmare keeping up with it.


Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Last year, I resolved to find software that would help me track which articles I’d submitted, which editors showed interest in, and when and where the articles were published. I started off trying editorial calendars like Kapost and CoSchedule, but what I needed was less of a calendar and more of a tracking system. Plus, some of the calendars I looked at were $20+ a month, and I can’t justify the cost if the software doesn’t do exactly what I need.

So, like Goldilocks working her way through the porridge, I continued on my search.

My Super Efficient Way to Track Guest Blogging Opportunities

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7 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid [Infographic]

Creating and maintaining a successful blog is in theory relatively easy to do, but even with great content and applying a few proven tricks like optimizing for popular keywords and promoting your blog on social media platforms, things don’t always take off as well as you had hoped.

As this infographic detailing the 7 common blogging mistakes to avoid reveals, simply trying to replicate the success of other bloggers who are managing to earn a living from their efforts, is unlikely to be any sort of guarantee that your blogging efforts will reach the same level of audience.

The fundamental lesson to take on board would be that there is no specific or clearly defined path to follow in order to achieve success. What may have worked well for someone else previously, might not be replicated if you take on board the advice from those that have already gained an enviable following.

One of the secrets to success is considered to be the need to blog post frequently in order to keep your audience interested. Whilst that advice is sound in general, to create genuinely interesting and well-researched content takes time, so trying to post something new every day is probably going to be detrimental to the quality.

The best approach is considered to be to post regularly and if that is three times a week at certain times, it will enable you to produce consistently good posts and grow your audience who will know when to check out new content each week.

Checking out the 7 most common blogging mistakes might just allow you to find the winning formula. Read more