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Video Blogging to Promote Your Brand

Looking for something a little different (but not for long) to promote yourself, your brand or your blog? Consider video blogging. Basically you cover what you would in a typed blog, but you record yourself speaking about the topic.

Take Wine Library TV. The host/video blogger Gary Vaynerchuk is INSANE. And highly amusing. He takes the hoity toity out of wine tasting and makes you want to go drink a bottle (er, I mean a glass). He has created a niche for himself with his highly energetic video blogs, and has expanded into touring, a book promotion and t-shirt sales. He’s been on Ellen, Mad Money, and Conan O’Brien, to name a few.

So if you’re looking for something different to set yourself apart (for the time being) consider video blogging.

Pre Vacation Post

I’m closing up my home office for a well-deserved break. Before I attend BlogHer next week, I’m touring Napa Valley and San Francisco with my mom. Place your bets on how much work I slip in between wineries! I’m not even swearing I won’t open my computer (it’s always a magical time when I leave for vacation: new business always comes in).

Before I go, I want to share a book I just finished with you: From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur, by Stephanie Chandler. It gives great advice on how to get published, in ebooks or physical books. Now, I already have a couple of ebooks, but this book really got my wheels turning about how to better promote it. I’ve taken steps to have my ebook automatically downloadable once someone pays (I use a program called Cheap and easy).

Go back and read my posts on using ebooks as promotion, then buy this book!

Eggcerpts From Natalie: Why You Need Publicity

by Natalie Grbic

From a marketing standpoint, publicity is one component of promotion. Publicity is a very important factor when it is linked to public relations. It is a purposeful attempt that manages the public’s perception of a subject. A subject can include people, goods and services, or entertainment. Publicists cannot sit around and wait for news to approach them; therefore, they must create their own news.

Some forms of publicity include:


These are just a few forms of publicity that are valuable, but there are other sufficient forms of publicity that may be useful to your specific business.

Since new technology of web blogs, web cameras, and web affiliates have emerged, publicity has become fairly low cost and an effective means of “getting your name out there.” Millions of people surf the internet each day; as a result using this new technology will give your business a sales boost.

There is a theory stating that any press is good press. Go out there and explore which type of publicity will give your business maximum exposure.

Natalie brings up a good point: any press is good press. It’s all in how you handle it. Now, publicity comes at you from every angle. Someone may comment on your company on their blog (for better or worse) or review your services in a magazine. Stay on top of where you’re covered.

A good tool for knowing who’s talking about you is Google Alerts. Enter your company name as a search and any time something appears online with your company name, you’ll get an email.

Here’s a great article on managing bad press.