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8 Essential Online Writing Tools to Create Selling Social Media Posts

Drafting posts for social media is a cumbersome process. A lot of times, you have to re-write your posts several times before posting them for the world to read. Framing catchy captions is a herculean task in itself. Writers are always on the lookout for trendy content to be added along with their social media posts, so as to garner maximum likes and comments. You will be glad to know that you need not worry about any of this anymore if you use these online writing tools.

This blog aims at providing you with a list of helpful online writing tools that will reduce your stress while posting online. Given below is a list of online writing tools that will certainly help in creating social media posts that sell.

8 Essential Online Writing Tools to Create Selling Social Media Posts

1. Hemingway

Hemingway helps in identifying complex sentences. Posts on social media must be succinct and to the point. This is where this tool proves to be of immense help. It lets you eliminate unnecessary language. It makes your writing more readable by highlighting sentences based on complexity. It also scans through the content to check the appropriate use of adverbs and passive voice forms.

This tool is easy to use and makes recommendations that increase the strength of your post. Simply copy and paste the content in the website to review its strength.

2. Writefull

This online writing tool helps writers compare words and phrases in order to check which options are most suitable. It draws information from language databases such as Google Books to track frequency of words. Writefull is very easy to use and can be activated in Word as well as Outlook.

It is used to check more commonly used phrases between two sections of writing. It also lets you find synonyms to words. All that you need to do is install the plug-in. Highlight the section of text that you wish to check and click Ctrl+Space to activate the plug-in. This tool comes for free and is readily available to users.

3. Captiona

If you are one of those who struggle while posting captions for pictures, this is the tool for you. Captiona generates caption ideas for social media websites like Instagram and Snapchat. For people who post pictures very often, it becomes difficult to come up with unique and impressive captions each time.

It works on the basis of keywords associated with your videos and photos. Once you enter the keywords, Captiona presents an array of captions to choose from. These captions range from generic quotes to clever taglines. Optimized for iPads and iPhones, this tool comes for a price of just 0.99$ per download.

4. Grammarly

Proofreading content before posting it online is essential. Make sure that your content is free of grammatical errors, poor vocabulary and spelling mistakes. This can be done efficiently using the popular proofreading tool, Grammarly. This tool does not only highlight grammatical errors, it also checks for plagiarism. The tool is user-friendly and is the preferred choice of many writers across the globe.

5. ZenPen

Writers are often faced with distractions while at work. Writing content on social media could become a challenge, especially when chat pings are constantly diverting your attention. ZenPen lets you block such distractions so that you remain focused on writing the post. It also keeps a track of the word count. This helps you create brief and impactful captions to your posts.

You need not worry about losing content, while working on ZenPen. It keeps your draft downloaded for safe-using.

6. DupliChecker

Before you post any content online, it is important for you to ensure it is plagiarism-free. Seeking inspiration from the writings of others is perfectly alright. However, using somebody else’s word to popularize your own posts, without giving due credit to the author, is unacceptable.

Use plagiarism detection software like DupliChecker to ensure your content is original. All that you need to do is copy-paste your content into the website. The tool checks the percentage of originality for your content within a few seconds. The plagiarized sections of the content are highlighted in red, to help you identify and edit them.

7. Thesaurus

Adding variety to your posts is crucial. Social media is flooded with various posts every day. In order to make your post stand out, it is important that you choose the correct words. This is where Thesaurus comes to your succor. It helps you find alternative words to give your writing the desired feel and flavor.

It is a crowdfunded tool, which implies that it seeks alternative word options from a community of writers. All options are rated by renowned writers and are therefore trustworthy. What’s more? This tool comes free of cost. Try it out now and experience the ease with which you can create online posts.

8. ProWriting Aid

ProWriting Aid is similar to Hemingway. It scans through your content to check for complex sentences, redundancies and grammatical errors. It can also be used to detect plagiarism. It is free as well as a paid version.

The limitation of the free version is that it scans only up to 3,000 words per search. This should solve your purpose if you are only aiming at correcting social media posts. However, if you wish to check academic reports or lengthier blogs, you could opt for the paid version. It would cost you roughly $40 to $140 annually.

All these tools also act as online marketing tools in one way or the other. So it helps you in both ways.

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