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5 Ways the Solo Entrepreneur Can Provide Dynamite Customer Service

When running the show, an entrepreneur will have a hard time keeping up with some things. For example,  when dealing with clients, some will have a difficult time keeping them satisfied. This is often a serious issue for people who run their own company as it is hard to make money with unhappy clients. However, this is not impossible if a hardworking entrepreneur follows these five tips to provide dynamite customer service to clients.


First and foremost, a company should have a lot of reviews and testimonials on its website. One way to get them is to go to OpenTell. With verified customer reviews by OpenTell, or similar company, an entrepreneur can impress potential customers with little effort. This is one of the most important things one should have on the website as most potential clients will go to the testimonial page to read about the firm. When discovering excellent reviews, a customer is likely to spend money and come back to the business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

On the website, a company owner should have an FAQ section. With this page, a website owner can answer basic and fundamental questions for a visitor. This is beneficial as it will save everyone time. Remember,  instead of making a phone call, a customer who encounters an FAQ page is likely to find their answer and save the organization time.

Work Weekends:

Now, an entrepreneur will have to put in a lot of hours. In fact, when heading to the office, or at least checking email, on weekends, the owner can provide a high level of support. This does not mean that an entrepreneur must work all the time. Rather, he or she should respond to emails quickly.

Follow Up:

One way an entrepreneur can avoid problems with customer support is by following up on every transaction.  By taking a few minutes to talk to the customer, an entrepreneur can ask any questions and avoid any miscommunication problems. Simply put, with a proactive approach, a business owner can save him or herself time in the future.


With outsourcing, one can easily hire a contractor to take care of customer service issues. With this small investment, a company will not lose valuable potential business when the owner is too busy to respond to inquiries. Furthermore, with chat capabilities, a website owner can set up a simple customer service setup.

With these five tips, one can offer dynamite customer support to their clients. Otherwise, if one does not heed this advice, they are likely to suffer repercussions.

Karleia Steiner is a freelance blogger. Away from the office she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband.

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  1. Wonderful customer service tips for the entrepreneur. Great customer service is very important for the success of your business, without it expect your business to be a bust!

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