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5 Important Online Marketing Strategies Every Entrepreneur Must Have

Even if it all sounds new and innovative, the Internet era doesn’t bring radically new ideas to the table, it just adapts to the new communication channels that we use and that’s why you should not be intimidated as a young entrepreneur by online marketing – embrace it and use it to your advantage. I’m sure this is already known by most of the entrepreneurs that have entered the market recently, but here are some exact guidelines of what important online marketing strategies you should research to make your online marketing campaign effective.

5 Important Online Marketing Strategies Every Entrepreneur Must Have

1. Build up a brand identity

Because it all starts from an idea – it all starts from your hard work as an entrepreneur, I’m sure you are aware by now of the importance of social capital. Before you start investing in your own brand, invest in yourself and a good point of starting your important online marketing strategies is building your personal brand online – be available, be connected and show that you know what you are doing. You will learn valuable things by just being online and observing similar brands and businesses.

2. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

This is especially important to know for entrepreneurs that want to build up a strong business and they have just entered the market. While you are still waiting to make real profit and start covering your investment, I’m sure that the main priority is to get the business known and to gain as many customers as possible. Whether you have a physical address or not, whether you are targeting young people or not, you will want to have an online presence.

But, guess what? It’s not enough to have a website on the World Wide Web – you need to know how to be found. SEO basically improves your chances of being found through a search engine by linking your content (which you should have often and at high quality) to what people are usually looking for. If you have a physical address you will also want to invest in local SEO to appear on online maps.

3. Social media marketing

As a business nowadays it’s not enough to sell your product and make a pretty add for it. The competition is fierce, how will you stand out in your category of goods and services? This era’s marketing focuses on the consumer and the most valuable asset as a business owner is information about your customers.

This can be achieved successfully through social media. A great percentage of people are present on social media and they customize their experience: they get to choose what to look at and you can observe these patterns and target your audience much easier. You can also be in touch with your customers and find out what to improve directly from them.

4. Email marketing

This strategy might seem outdated, but do not ignore the benefits of email marketing. Not everything is happening on social media. You will want to have a good email marketing ongoing campaign, for example to keep your customers up to date or to offer something special to your loyal clients. It’s all part of your image and you should definitely include email marketing in your strategy.

5. Mobile marketing

I have left mobile marketing at the end of the list because I want it to serve as a conclusion and be the point to remember today. Ok, so you have applied the strategies listed above, but you did not optimize your website to be viewed from a mobile device. You have just lost an entire age group of consumers – young people (18-26 years old) mainly use mobile devices for surfing the web. You want to be available for this wide and growing target, so mobile marketing will be very good to have.

Another brilliant thing about mobile marketing strategies is that they allow you to not only get your message across, but also get to know your customers better through their habits. You can create apps that your customers can install on their devices and you can gather feedback and information directly from them. Be present and active in the online environment if you want people to know who you are because it will boost your visibility and it will make people interested in what you have to offer.

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Christopher Austin is the writer to this article. He is a regular contributor at many sites and mainly focuses on business and marketing related topics. He also writes for a site offering direct mail marketing and mail distribution services.

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