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42 Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs [Infographic]

Virtual career opportunities are on the rise worldwide. This can be attributed to the growing globalization of the workforce, a more employee-centric attitude on the part of companies, rising cost of maintaining physical offices, initiatives to reduce the stress of long distance commute on workforce, consistent productivity on part of remote employees and rapid growth of technology that helps connect employees in any part of the globe.

If you are interested in work from home opportunities it will be helpful to know about the high-paying jobs in the telecommuting industry. If you are creatively inclined you can work as a graphic designer, animator, photographer, content writer or as a website designer. You will need to scout for jobs on portals that specially cater to remote job openings. You can also join communities, forums or marketplaces where employers will scout for freelancers or candidates willing to work remotely. You’ll have to make available a portfolio of your work and your CV, and be ready to put your best foot forward when the opportunity knocks.

Freelance writers, editors, telephone nurse, medical writers, transcriptionists, underwriters, actuaries, financial analysts, researchers, attorneys, engineers and SEO specialists are all in demand as work from home jobs. These jobs pay well and you can expect defined career growth as well. Senior roles are also available for telecommuting employees where they can collaborate with global teams remotely.

There are several sites like,, and that provide a platform for remote employees and freelancers to connect with potential employers. Once you have built a solid portfolio, you will be able to tap into the opportunities out there. If you are looking to work full-time as a remote employee, then it will be helpful to know about telecommute-friendly companies where you can apply for jobs.

Check out the infographic below for all the relevant information about telecommute jobs that you need to know.

42 Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs [Infographic] by Ponbee

Remote Work From Home Jobs

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