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3 Proven Customer Loyalty Tactics

Customer loyalty programs are often overlooked, but with the right delivery, loyalty programs can go a long way. Through the use of referral programs, cash incentives, rewards and discounts programs, customers are bound to flock to businesses that are the most loyal to their customers.


1. Cash Incentives

Clear Choice Custom LASIK Center delivers the highest standard of medical care and technology to its LASIK patients. Clear Choice should be the poster child for the term “customer loyalty”. From the moment you set foot into Clear Choice to the moment you step out, the staff will make sure you had an experience unlike any other.

LASIK candidates and their guests enjoy free massage chairs, an assortment of cookies, pop and water, bagels for breakfast and small sandwiches during lunch. Once a LASIK patient, you are treated to a chair massage by a masseuse to calm your nerves before the surgery. How is that for customer loyalty? Well, there is more.

After surgery you are required to have a few check-ups throughout the year. After your check-up, you are handed a yard sign with Clear Choice’s information on it. If you take the sign, you are given a $50 check on the spot. Once you get home and put the sign in your yard, you are asked to take a photo of it and upload it to the Clear Choice Facebook page. If you do this, you are then an additional $50 will be mailed to your home.

Clear Choice knows the power behind social media and how in their case, it can positively impact their reputation. They are a great example of a company that puts their patients first and knows the key to a successful business is being loyal to your customers.

#2. Referral Programs

LeafFilter gutter guards offer the most advanced gutter protection system in America. The company has revolutionized the gutter protection industry for nearly 10 years with their patented technology to ensure gutters remain clog free. LeafFilter takes care of customers from the moment they request an estimate to the moment they ensure the customer is satisfied. Taking care of customers doesn’t stop there though.

After each installation, customers are asked to refer a friend or family member. For each referral given and installed, LeafFilter will pay its’ customers $50. The best part about this referral program is that there is no limit. The other exciting aspect of this program is what each referred friend or family member receives. If you are a referred customer, you’ll receive a $250 coupon off your purchase of LeafFilter.

Much of LeafFilter’s business is done from referrals so it makes sense that the company has implemented such a robust referral program. LeafFilter pairs its exceptional customer service with a customer loyalty program that cannot be beat.

#3. Rewards and Discount Programs

From gas stations to grocery stores and frozen yogurt shops to clothing stores, rewards and discount programs can be seen just about everywhere. Frozen yogurt company, Menchie’s, started a rewards program five years ago where they offer $5 back for every $50 spent. To date, they have 4.7 million card holders.

Giant Eagle is a grocery store retailer that offers fuelperks! for every $50 spent in their store. For every $50 spent inside Giant Eagle or its gas station getGo, the customer earns 10¢ off gas when filling up at getGo. The more spent inside Giant Eagle the closer they get to receive a full tank of gas.

The Buckle is a clothing store that offers a Buckle Classic Card. Using this card gives customers 10 percent off their first Buckle Card purchase, special benefits when the card is used during the customers’ birthday month and for every $300 spent you get $10 off a future purchase.

Keep in mind it is important to measure your customer loyalty programs. If you are using social media to promote customer loyalty, keep track of how many people are participating. If you do not get much engagement try considering a different way to get customers involved in social media. Additionally, when using a referral program, be sure to track how much business has been gained from your referrals each year.

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