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How To Do Your Own Online Marketing in 2017

Whether you own a ‘Brick & Mortar’ or you’re an online nomad, there are so many advantages to online marketing. Kicking out old sales tactics and going to where all the attention is now – The Internet.

We are a couple of months into 2017 so my team has been able to forecast how the year’s online marketing will behave – which means we have also put together a simple strategy for you DIYers out there! I strongly believe ANY small business employing these techniques can be successful.

This guide is for those which are slightly familiar with SEO concepts, have some time on their hands, and would like to allocate money into something other than online marketing agencies.

This does take time, and usually requires a level of adapting to your current situation within the market! That old saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” holds true as always.

How To Do Your Own Online Marketing in 2017

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