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12 Deadly Social Media Marketing Errors

This is the time and age when businesses are beating the hell out of their social media accounts to boost customer engagement and brand promotion. Partly because 91% of the Millennials are spending most of their time on Facebook, and mostly because internet users are swarming the social media accounts like hornets.  According to business2community, an average internet user has about 54 social media accounts. So, it comes as no surprise that businesses are heavily favoring social media marketing over other marketing channels to further their business prospects.

But in their zest to put their best foot forward, businesses are committing several unwarranted social media marketing errors, which are drying up their website’s traffic, and slipping them into a state of comatose. From over-posting on Facebook pages without any rhyme or reason to screwing up tweets, to hyperlinking keywords without any break, businesses are crossing the line of social media sanity like never before.

So, tell me, is your business suffering from the same ills and drifting toward comatose?

12 Deadly Social Media Marketing Errors

Here, wade through these 12 deadly social media marketing errors that SEO marketers and app marketers commit so often.  Avoid them before your business slips into a coma.

#1. Incomplete Social Media Profiles

In a rush to draw in as many customers as possible, businesses are setting up as many social media accounts as possible.  But remember, for all the accounts generated, only the ones with complete profiles catch customer attention. Customers love to connect with only those profiles that are complete, given that they wish to know who they are connecting with in the first place.

So, first things first: complete the profiles of all your important social media accounts, if not all. (As they say, discretion is the better part of valor.) And this should include setting up a logo in the avatar area of your account. You can even try putting your personal picture there. Whatever the case may be, ensure uniformity all across. Also, customize the layout of the pages by adding your company banner. Top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin allow you to customize full-on. So, change colors, add banner images and so on. What’s more, don’t forget to use some keywords in your content, and, of course,  fill in the location column as well.

#2. Underestimating Twitter’s Worth

What could 140 words offer? So much, I could say.  Businesses have generated revenue to the tune of $250,000 simply by using social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn.

That means you need to be ruthless while using those 140 words. Meaning, cut the fluff.   More so, with an average user reading just 20-28% of words online. Use Power Words, instead. They work like levers: moving minds, hearts and wallets. For what it’s worth, it will attract a good number of tweet backs.  However, make sure that these tweet backs are tackled responsibly.

Hiring a part-time person for your tweet backs is like requesting your neighbor to feed your baby. You will never know whether the efforts were half-hearted or full. Simply put: Only a full-time person can justify the role of a social media manager.

#3. Overposting on your Facebook Page

As per emarketer’s study, Facebook’s user base is estimated to reach 1.43 billion monthly by the end of 2016. Enthused, several social media experts are suggesting clients post as many posts as possible on Facebook.  But then, according to Adweek,  21% of Facebook users might unfollow brands that post repetitive or boring content.  And about 19% users said that they will unfollow companies that post more than 6 times a day.

So, what’s the ideal posting rate for a company on a Facebook page? Twice a day. That’s more than enough. Posting too much is one of the biggest social media marketing errors you can make.

#4.  Misjudging Competition

Sure, social media offers a level-playing field to both big and small-time players.  But then, don’t forget, big players have an established presence and have more resources to hand to optimize their social media presence. On the other hand, small-time players have to manage with whatever little they have. It’s like the big high school boys taking on tiny tots for the slightest provocations. Though social media offers a no-holds-barred approach to marketing, it’s a noisy world, where your brand’s voice could go unheard in the ensuing chaos.  Leverage it creatively, to stand apart.

#5. Going Overboard with Brand Mentions

Agreed, you are harnessing social media for promoting your business online. But then, that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard and stuff your content with all sorts of hyperlinks, since that’s one of the social media marketing errors people make. Customers hate this. Say, for instance, one link points toward your service page, another link directs customers to your home page, the third link opens on the inquiry page of your website and so on. People are looking for quality content that provides them some real value, not over the top branding of your company website bearing busloads of links.

#6. Tweeting Without Images

Turns out content with images find both readers and sharers as well.  According to Hubspot, visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.  The same principle applies to Twitter as well. Tweets with images earn 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets.

Make it visual


#7. Posting the Same Content Mindlessly

What if you were served the same recipe over and over and over again, not just this week, but the entire next week as well? Obviously, you’d feel annoyed and frustrated with whosoever is cooking. Likewise, offering customers the same content over and over again is nothing but annoying the users. Therefore, try and vary the content as much as possible. Employ images, infographics, powerpoint presentations, whitepapers, etc.  This will keep the content fresh and interesting.

#8. Responding to Negative Comments Angrily

Responding to comments by users is one of the best ways to build relationships with your visitors and customers. However, stay away from responding to negative comments angrily. Rather, deal with them tactfully.

#9. Focussing More on Leads, Not Relationships

No matter the giant efforts you put into lead building, it’s relationships that reward you with business. In other words, lead generation is in direct proportion to relationship building.  Nonetheless, the point is, how to build relationships with potential customers? Simple.  People share a lot of information online these days. Track them. Engage with them. And then, eventually, establish a relationship with these customers. Once you have developed a relationship with them, tell them how your product will turn around their lives.

#10. Several Networks, Not Enough Content

You may have spread yourself thin by opening several social media accounts. But then, what about the content part?  Posting once in several weeks won’t lead your company anywhere. As in, it will neither boost engagement nor brand awareness. On the contrary, posting content at least 2 or 3 times in a single week, will attract the attention of your customers, plus build a reasonable fan-following. That said, make sure that your content has solutions to problems that your customers are facing. More importantly, it should offer value to customers.

#11. Cold Pitches Minus Emotions

Cold pitches will turn your customer’s cold turkey. It won’t evoke any positive emotions.  Consequently, no customers will come your way.  So think twice before you leave your website URL and cold messages on customers’ social media accounts. Instead, try employing creative ways to strike a perfect chord with the users. Say something like “we’d love to serve you. Try our blockbuster product, which has already won the hearts of thousands of our customers. Be assured, you too stand to benefit from it.  If not, money back guaranteed.”      

#12.  Posting Fake and Unoriginal content

People these days can easily see through your fake content. So, make sure all your blog posts and testimonials are as honest as possible.  Also, keep away from going over the top about your product reviews. Simplicity is the watchword here. And also don’t use content that’s no way related to your product. Sure, it might give you an initial spike in the traffic, but not conversions.

Wrapping Up

Believe it or not, most of these mistakes are carried out in full consciousness by businesses. In short, you can easily avoid them if you intend to. Whether it’s posting fake content on Facebook pages, cold pitching, or replying angrily to negative comments, you know you are doing something that will dry up your traffic in no time. So, it’s time businesses salvaged the situation by staying away from these awful tactics.

Any other awful social media strategy that crosses your mind that could damage your business prospects considerably? Go ahead and add them in the comment box below. We are all eyes and ears.

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Jini Maxin is a Sr. writer with OpenXcell, a Mobile App Development Company, that offers mobile app development services across the globe. An avid reader who pours all her learning into producing well-researched and data-driven posts. You can connect with her on Twitter.

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