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10 Power Words to Instantly Add Ooomph to Your Writing

Ever read something that sent shivers down your spine? Some writers seem to have a natural talent for making dry, bland topics sound wildly enticing with their writing.

The secret is, it’s not that hard to become the type of writer that composes stories (or website copy) so drool-worthy people can’t seem to get it out of their minds. If you want to impress your customer, make her clap her hands with excitement, and go through a string of emotions so that she feels attached to you and your business, all you have to do is inject a few power words into your copy.

10 Power Words to Instantly Add Ooomph to Your Writing

10 Words to Make You a Better at Writing

No matter what type of content marketing you’re engaged in “ whether you’re writing a blog post, press release, or landing page” your audience needs to feel something new. There’s a lot of content online these days, and your customers are bombarded with message after message. To make yours stand out, you need to use a few power words to get and keep their attention on you.

Here are 10 of the top words you can incorporate into your marketing to capture peoples attention.

  1. Surprising   Everyone loves some good shock value. Let them know it’s coming with words like “surprising.”
  2. Instant As in, the instant gratification our society craves.
  3. Tantalizing  A little bit naughty, a little bit fun, and a lot of impact!
  4. Revolting  Did you just read that in your head in a grossed out, disgusted tone? So will your reader.
  5. Frenzy  What’s more exciting than a frenzy of, well, anything?
  6. Certified To get certified, you have to go through some tests and have someone else give you a stamp of approval. So, when you claim your certification, people immediately trust you.
  7. Secret  Come a little closer and let me whisper something no one else knows. Got your attention?
  8. Free  The price is right! There’s nothing better than getting something awesome for free!
  9. Warning Uh-oh, what do your customers need to know so that they’re not burned somewhere down the road?
  10. Forbidden Like the forbidden fruit, there’s something so blasted tempting about crossing that forbidden line to get or see something you’re not supposed to.

The next time your digital pen hits the digital paper, try infusing a few of these power words into your content. It will amaze you how fast your story comes to life.

Kimberly Crossland is a copywriter who gets way too excited about the impact of words on people. Follow her here for more information about attracting a crowd online.

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Kimberly Crossland

Kimberly Crossland is the owner and founder of Savvy Copywriters, a marketing agency with one goal: to create campaigns that move people to the point of action. The goal of her work is to spark conversation and inspire meaningful change through the power of strategic, thoughtful writing.

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